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Flag: ExtraPower
File(s): rules(md).ini
Values: Unsigned integers: All non-negative whole numbers from 0 to either 32767, 2147483647 or 4294967295.
Applicable to: BuildingTypes

Specifies the amount of extra power required by this structure before it can be 'deployed' to perform its auxiliary function. This only appears to apply to structures that have GapGenerator=yes set and have a SuperGapRadiusInCells= defined, meaning they can be made to generate a bigger 'gap' when they have a surplus of power. In Yuri's Revenge, this is also used to indicate that a structure can provide more power if it has a positive Power= setting as well as UnitAbsorb= and/or InfantryAbsorb= set to 'yes'.

If a building with this feature also has a Primary weapon, 'deploying' the building will also cause it to fire its primary weapon at the ground underneath it. The building will continue to fire until manually stopped via the 'Stop' keyboard shortcut or by manually ordering it to target somewhere else. It will not stop by switching back to its normal power level. Switching it back after it has manually been stopped from firing will simply cause the building to start firing at the ground again.


  • The weapon will not be fired if its range is below 2.2 (or 2.3, needs verification). At this range, it is also not possible for a player to forcefire the weapon (which apparently requires a range of 2.4 or 2.5), making this the ideal range for a weapon that is only supposed to be fired via ExtraPower.
    • Actually, the minimum range for both ExtraPower's forcefire and manual forcefire may depend on the size of the building.
  • Positive ExtraPower:
    ExtraPower does not work with positive power settings; if a positive power setting is used, then the 'Deploy' cursor will appear over the building at any time while enough power is present, but the building will not acctually perform its ExtraPower action when clicked. When the power 'Drain' exceeds the power production by the amount specified in ExtraPower, no deploy cursor will show anymore when the mouse is over the building.