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Flag: GDIFirestormGenerator
File(s): rules(md).ini
Values: Strings: Normal text. (Limited to: BuildingTypes)
Applicable to: General

Cc cnrdelete-all.pngLogic related to GDIFirestormGenerator, as a whole or in part, is obsolete in Red Alert 2 and/or Yuri's Revenge.

The BuildingType responsible for keeping the Firestorm Defense active. When a building of this type is destroyed or powered down, the game checks whether the owning player has any other building of this type available to keep the Firestorm active. If there is no such building, the Firestorm is shut down.

This tag is optional, but only supports a single building type. It is not required to be set to the same building type that provides the Type=Firestorm super weapon.

GDIFirestormGenerator is not available in Red Alert 2 and Yuri's Revenge.


The purpose of this tag is not known. If the last building providing a super weapon is lost, the super weapon becomes unavailable; if a super weapon has UseChargeDrain=yes set, the Firestorm Defense will be turned off anyhow. It could be that this tag is to support powering down Firestorm Generators, to ensure that there is at least one currently powered generator at any time.