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This page should correctly be named "[General]"; it is wrong due to technical restrictions.

In this section of rules(md).ini, the game's general settings are located. A section with the same name also exists in terrain control files.

Applicable INI Flags

These tables show all INI flags applicable1 to General. The flags are grouped by the internal classes the flags are inherited from, and then listed in the order they are read in by the game. You can re-sort the rows by column values by clicking the arrow icons in the column headings. Each flag can be clicked to visit its page for detailed information.

Please note that this section is accurate only for Yuri's Revenge. All other C&C games use different sets of flags.

1 "Applicable" in this context means "read from the INI files". Certain flags listed here don't have any effect ingame , but they are read and in certain cases cause a crash if not present. Again, refer to each flag's individual page for detailed information.

INI File Section Key Value Type Default Value Adds to list
Rules(md).ini [General] DamageFireTypes vector<Animation> {} +
Rules(md).ini [General] OreTwinkle Animation 0 +
Rules(md).ini [General] BarrelExplode Animation 0 +
Rules(md).ini [General] BarrelDebris vector<VoxelAnimation> {} +
Rules(md).ini [General] BarrelParticle ParticleSystem 0 +
Rules(md).ini [General] NukeTakeOff Animation 0 +
Rules(md).ini [General] Wake Animation 0 +
Rules(md).ini [General] DropPod vector<Animation> 0 +
Rules(md).ini [General] DeadBodies vector<Animation> {} +
Rules(md).ini [General] MetallicDebris vector<Animation> {} +
Rules(md).ini [General] BridgeExplosions vector<Animation> {} +
Rules(md).ini [General] IonBlast Animation 0 +
Rules(md).ini [General] IonBeam Animation 0 +
Rules(md).ini [General] WeatherConClouds vector<Animation> {} +
Rules(md).ini [General] WeatherConBolts vector<Animation> {} +
Rules(md).ini [General] WeatherConBoltExplosion Animation 0 +
Rules(md).ini [General] DominatorWarhead WarheadType 0 +
Rules(md).ini [General] DominatorFirstAnim Animation 0 +
Rules(md).ini [General] DominatorSecondAnim Animation 0 +
Rules(md).ini [General] DominatorFireAtPercentage int 50
Rules(md).ini [General] DominatorCaptureRange int 2
Rules(md).ini [General] DominatorDamage int 50
Rules(md).ini [General] ChronoPlacement Animation 0 +
Rules(md).ini [General] ChronoBeam Animation 0 +
Rules(md).ini [General] ChronoBlast Animation 0 +
Rules(md).ini [General] ChronoBlastDest Animation 0 +
Rules(md).ini [General] WarpIn Animation 0 +
Rules(md).ini [General] WarpOut Animation 0 +
Rules(md).ini [General] WarpAway Animation 0 +
Rules(md).ini [General] IronCurtainInvokeAnim Animation 0 +
Rules(md).ini [General] ForceShieldInvokeAnim Animation 0 +
Rules(md).ini [General] WeaponNullifyAnim Animation 0 +
Rules(md).ini [General] ChronoSparkle1 Animation 0 +
Rules(md).ini [General] InfantryExplode Animation 0 +
Rules(md).ini [General] FlamingInfantry Animation 0 +
Rules(md).ini [General] InfantryHeadPop Animation 0 +
Rules(md).ini [General] InfantryNuked Animation 0 +
Rules(md).ini [General] InfantryVirus Animation 0 +
Rules(md).ini [General] InfantryBrute Animation 0 +
Rules(md).ini [General] InfantryMutate Animation 0 +
Rules(md).ini [General] Behind Animation 0 +
Rules(md).ini [General] MoveFlash Animation 0 +
Rules(md).ini [General] Parachute Animation 0 +
Rules(md).ini [General] BombParachute Animation 0 +
Rules(md).ini [General] DropZoneAnim Animation 0 +
Rules(md).ini [General] EMPulseSparkles Animation 0 +
Rules(md).ini [General] LargeVisceroid VehicleType 0 +
Rules(md).ini [General] SmallVisceroid VehicleType 0 +
Rules(md).ini [General] TiberiumHeal float 0.0166667
Rules(md).ini [General] SelfHealInfantryFrames int 1000
Rules(md).ini [General] SelfHealInfantryAmount int 1
Rules(md).ini [General] SelfHealUnitFrames int 1000
Rules(md).ini [General] SelfHealUnitAmount int 1
Rules(md).ini [General] PrerequisitePower generic> {}
Rules(md).ini [General] PrerequisiteFactory generic> {}
Rules(md).ini [General] PrerequisiteBarracks generic> {}
Rules(md).ini [General] PrerequisiteRadar generic> {}
Rules(md).ini [General] PrerequisiteTech generic> {}
Rules(md).ini [General] PrerequisiteProc generic> {}
Rules(md).ini [General] ZoomInFactor float 2.0
Rules(md).ini [General] RevealByHeight boolean 1
Rules(md).ini [General] AllowShroudedSubteranneanMoves boolean 0
Rules(md).ini [General] AircraftFogReveal int 6
Rules(md).ini [General] MinLowPowerProductionSpeed float 0.5
Rules(md).ini [General] MaxLowPowerProductionSpeed float 0.9
Rules(md).ini [General] LowPowerPenaltyModifier float 1.0
Rules(md).ini [General] MultipleFactory float 1.0
Rules(md).ini [General] MaximumCheerRate int 1
Rules(md).ini [General] TreeFlammability float 0.1
Rules(md).ini [General] MissileROTVar float 0.25
Rules(md).ini [General] MissileSafetyAltitude int 500
Rules(md).ini [General] MissileSpeedVar float 0.25
Rules(md).ini [General] DropPodWeapon WeaponType 0 +
Rules(md).ini [General] DropPodHeight int 1500
Rules(md).ini [General] DropPodSpeed int 40
Rules(md).ini [General] DropPodAngle float 1.5708
Rules(md).ini [General] CrewEscape float 0.5
Rules(md).ini [General] TunnelSpeed float  ?
Rules(md).ini [General] HoverDampen float 0.8
Rules(md).ini [General] HoverBob float 30.0
Rules(md).ini [General] HoverHeight int 120
Rules(md).ini [General] HoverBoost float 1.3
Rules(md).ini [General] HoverAcceleration float 0.03
Rules(md).ini [General] HoverBrake float 0.03
Rules(md).ini [General] VeteranRatio float 10.0
Rules(md).ini [General] VeteranCombat float 1.0
Rules(md).ini [General] VeteranSpeed float 1.0
Rules(md).ini [General] VeteranSight float 1.0
Rules(md).ini [General] VeteranArmor float 1.0
Rules(md).ini [General] VeteranROF float 1.0
Rules(md).ini [General] VeteranCap float 1.0
Rules(md).ini [General] ExplosiveVoxelDebris vector<VoxelAnimation> {} +
Rules(md).ini [General] BridgeVoxelMax int 3
Rules(md).ini [General] TireVoxelDebris VoxelAnimation 0 +
Rules(md).ini [General] ScrapVoxelDebris VoxelAnimation 0 +
Rules(md).ini [General] CloakingStages int 9
Rules(md).ini [General] ShipSinkingWeight float 3.0
Rules(md).ini [General] IceCrackingWeight float 2.0
Rules(md).ini [General] IceBreakingWeight float 4.0
Rules(md).ini [General] CliffBackImpassability int 0
Rules(md).ini [General] PlacementDelay float 0.05
Rules(md).ini [General] TrackedUphill float 1.0
Rules(md).ini [General] TrackedDownhill float 1.0
Rules(md).ini [General] WheeledUphill float 1.0
Rules(md).ini [General] WheeledDownhill float 1.0
Rules(md).ini [General] WindDirection int -1
Rules(md).ini [General] CameraRange float  ?
Rules(md).ini [General] FlightLevel int 500
Rules(md).ini [General] ParachuteMaxFallRate int -3
Rules(md).ini [General] NoParachuteMaxFallRate int -100
Rules(md).ini [General] RepairBay vector<BuildingType> {} +
Rules(md).ini [General] GDIGateOne BuildingType 0 +
Rules(md).ini [General] GDIGateTwo BuildingType 0 +
Rules(md).ini [General] NodGateOne BuildingType 0 +
Rules(md).ini [General] NodGateTwo BuildingType 0 +
Rules(md).ini [General] WallTower BuildingType 0 +
Rules(md).ini [General] Shipyard vector<BuildingType> {} +
Rules(md).ini [General] GDIPowerPlant BuildingType 0 +
Rules(md).ini [General] NodRegularPower BuildingType 0 +
Rules(md).ini [General] NodAdvancedPower BuildingType 0 +
Rules(md).ini [General] ThirdPowerPlant BuildingType 0 +
Rules(md).ini [General] PrerequisiteProcAlternate VehicleType 0 +
Rules(md).ini [General] BaseUnit vector<VehicleType> {} +
Rules(md).ini [General] HarvesterUnit vector<VehicleType> {} +
Rules(md).ini [General] PadAircraft vector<AircraftType> {} +
Rules(md).ini [General] Paratrooper InfantryType 0 +
Rules(md).ini [General] SecretInfantry vector<InfantryType> {} +
Rules(md).ini [General] SecretUnits vector<VehicleType> {} +
Rules(md).ini [General] SecretBuildings vector<BuildingType> {} +
Rules(md).ini [General] ChronoDelay int 60
Rules(md).ini [General] ChronoReinfDelay int 60
Rules(md).ini [General] ChronoDistanceFactor int 32
Rules(md).ini [General] ChronoTrigger boolean 1
Rules(md).ini [General] ChronoMinimumDelay int 0
Rules(md).ini [General] ChronoRangeMinimum int 0
Rules(md).ini [General] AlliedDisguise InfantryType 0 +
Rules(md).ini [General] SovietDisguise InfantryType 0 +
Rules(md).ini [General] ThirdDisguise InfantryType 0 +
Rules(md).ini [General] SpyPowerBlackout int 0
Rules(md).ini [General] SpyMoneyStealPercent float 0.05
Rules(md).ini [General] AttackCursorOnDisguise boolean 0
Rules(md).ini [General] PurifierBonus float 0.25
Rules(md).ini [General] Engineer InfantryType 0 +
Rules(md).ini [General] Technician InfantryType 0 +
Rules(md).ini [General] Pilot InfantryType 0 +
Rules(md).ini [General] AlliedCrew InfantryType 0 +
Rules(md).ini [General] SovietCrew InfantryType 0 +
Rules(md).ini [General] ThirdCrew InfantryType 0 +
Rules(md).ini [General] CurleyShuffle boolean 0
Rules(md).ini [General] FineDiffControl boolean 0
Rules(md).ini [General] TeamDelays vector<int> {}
Rules(md).ini [General] AIHateDelays vector<int> {}
Rules(md).ini [General] AIAlternateProductionCreditCutoff int 1000
Rules(md).ini [General] AIUseTurbineUpgradeProbability float 1.0
Rules(md).ini [General] NodAIBuildsWalls boolean 1
Rules(md).ini [General] AIBuildsWalls boolean 1
Rules(md).ini [General] FillEarliestTeamProbability vector<int> {}
Rules(md).ini [General] MinimumAIDefensiveTeams vector<int> {}
Rules(md).ini [General] MaximumAIDefensiveTeams vector<int> {}
Rules(md).ini [General] TotalAITeamCap vector<int> {}
Rules(md).ini [General] UseMinDefenseRule boolean 1
Rules(md).ini [General] DissolveUnfilledTeamDelay int 5000
Rules(md).ini [General] AISafeDistance int 8
Rules(md).ini [General] AIMinorSuperReadyPercent float 0.8
Rules(md).ini [General] HarvesterTooFarDistance int 5
Rules(md).ini [General] ChronoHarvTooFarDistance int 50
Rules(md).ini [General] AlliedBaseDefenseCounts vector<int> {}
Rules(md).ini [General] SovietBaseDefenseCounts vector<int> {}
Rules(md).ini [General] ThirdBaseDefenseCounts vector<int> {}
Rules(md).ini [General] AIPickWallDefensePercent vector<int> {}
Rules(md).ini [General] AIRestrictReplaceTime int 500
Rules(md).ini [General] ThreatPerOccupant int 5
Rules(md).ini [General] ApproachTargetResetMultiplier int 1
Rules(md).ini [General] CampaignMoneyDeltaEasy int 5000
Rules(md).ini [General] CampaignMoneyDeltaHard int -5000
Rules(md).ini [General] GuardAreaTargetingDelay int 36
Rules(md).ini [General] NormalTargetingDelay int 27
Rules(md).ini [General] AINavalYardAdjacency int 20
Rules(md).ini [General] DisabledDisguiseDetectionPercent vector<int> {}
Rules(md).ini [General] AIAutoDeployFrameDelay vector<int> {}
Rules(md).ini [General] MaximumBuildingPlacementFailures int 5
Rules(md).ini [General] TiberiumShortScan float 1536
Rules(md).ini [General] TiberiumLongScan float 8192
Rules(md).ini [General] SlaveMinerShortScan float 1280
Rules(md).ini [General] SlaveMinerSlaveScan float 4096
Rules(md).ini [General] SlaveMinerLongScan float 20480
Rules(md).ini [General] SlaveMinerScanCorrection float 768
Rules(md).ini [General] SlaveMinerKickFrameDelay int
Rules(md).ini [General] AISuperDefenseProbability vector<int> {}
Rules(md).ini [General] AISuperDefenseFrames int 25
Rules(md).ini [General] AISuperDefenseDistance float 10
Rules(md).ini [General] AICaptureNormal vector<int> {}
Rules(md).ini [General] AICaptureWounded vector<int> {}
Rules(md).ini [General] AICaptureLowPower vector<int> {}
Rules(md).ini [General] AICaptureLowMoney vector<int> {}
Rules(md).ini [General] AICaptureLowMoneyMark int  ?
Rules(md).ini [General] AICaptureWoundedMark float  ?
Rules(md).ini [General] MultiplayerAICM vector<int> {}
Rules(md).ini [General] AIVirtualPurifiers vector<int> {}
Rules(md).ini [General] AISlaveMinerNumber vector<int> {}
Rules(md).ini [General] HarvestersPerRefinery vector<int> {}
Rules(md).ini [General] AIExtraRefineries vector<int> {}
Rules(md).ini [General] AmerParaDropInf vector<InfantryType> {} +
Rules(md).ini [General] AmerParaDropNum vector<int> {}
Rules(md).ini [General] AllyParaDropInf vector<InfantryType> {} +
Rules(md).ini [General] AllyParaDropNum vector<int> {}
Rules(md).ini [General] SovParaDropInf vector<InfantryType> {} +
Rules(md).ini [General] SovParaDropNum vector<int> {}
Rules(md).ini [General] YuriParaDropInf vector<InfantryType> {} +
Rules(md).ini [General] YuriParaDropNum vector<int> {}
Rules(md).ini [General] AnimToInfantry vector<InfantryType> {} +
Rules(md).ini [General] AIIonCannonConYardValue vector<int> {}
Rules(md).ini [General] AIIonCannonWarFactoryValue vector<int> {}
Rules(md).ini [General] AIIonCannonPowerValue vector<int> {}
Rules(md).ini [General] AIIonCannonTechCenterValue vector<int> {}
Rules(md).ini [General] AIIonCannonEngineerValue vector<int> {}
Rules(md).ini [General] AIIonCannonThiefValue vector<int> {}
Rules(md).ini [General] AIIonCannonHarvesterValue vector<int> {}
Rules(md).ini [General] AIIonCannonMCVValue vector<int> {}
Rules(md).ini [General] AIIonCannonAPCValue vector<int> {}
Rules(md).ini [General] AIIonCannonBaseDefenseValue vector<int> {}
Rules(md).ini [General] AIIonCannonPlugValue vector<int> {}
Rules(md).ini [General] AIIonCannonHelipadValue vector<int> {}
Rules(md).ini [General] AIIonCannonTempleValue vector<int> {}
Rules(md).ini [General] CloakDelay float  ?
Rules(md).ini [General] GameSpeedBias float 1.0
Rules(md).ini [General] BaseBias float 1.0
Rules(md).ini [General] SeparateAircraft boolean 0
Rules(md).ini [General] BaseDefenseDelay float 0.25
Rules(md).ini [General] SuspendPriority int 20
Rules(md).ini [General] SuspendDelay float 2.0
Rules(md).ini [General] SurvivorRate int 0.5
Rules(md).ini [General] AlliedSurvivorDivisor int 200
Rules(md).ini [General] SovietSurvivorDivisor int 300
Rules(md).ini [General] ThirdSurvivorDivisor int  ?
Rules(md).ini [General] ReloadRate float 0.05
Rules(md).ini [General] BuildupTime float 0.05
Rules(md).ini [General] HarvesterDumpRate float 0.016
Rules(md).ini [General] HarvesterLoadRate int 2
Rules(md).ini [General] BuildSpeed float 1.0
Rules(md).ini [General] DamageDelay float 1.0
Rules(md).ini [General] GrowthRate float 0.05
Rules(md).ini [General] RefundPercent float 0.5
Rules(md).ini [General] RepairPercent float 0.25
Rules(md).ini [General] RepairStep int 5
Rules(md).ini [General] IRepairStep int 1
Rules(md).ini [General] RepairRate float 0.016
Rules(md).ini [General] URepairRate float 0.016
Rules(md).ini [General] IRepairRate float 0.016
Rules(md).ini [General] Stray float 512
Rules(md).ini [General] RelaxedStray float 512
Rules(md).ini [General] GuardModeStray float  ?
Rules(md).ini [General] CloseEnough float 640
Rules(md).ini [General] BlendedFog boolean 1
Rules(md).ini [General] AttackingAircraftSightRange int 5
Rules(md).ini [General] LeptonsPerSightIncrease int 50
Rules(md).ini [General] TiberiumTransmogrify int  ?
Rules(md).ini [General] LightningDeferment int 250
Rules(md).ini [General] LightningDamage int 200
Rules(md).ini [General] LightningStormDuration int 900
Rules(md).ini [General] LightningHitDelay int 90
Rules(md).ini [General] LightningScatterDelay int 10
Rules(md).ini [General] LightningCellSpread int 10
Rules(md).ini [General] LightningSeparation int 3
Rules(md).ini [General] LightningWarhead WarheadType 0
Rules(md).ini [General] LightningPrintText boolean 1
Rules(md).ini [General] ForceShieldRadius int 10
Rules(md).ini [General] ForceShieldDuration int 400
Rules(md).ini [General] ForceShieldBlackoutDuration int 800
Rules(md).ini [General] ForceShieldPlayFadeSoundTime int 50
Rules(md).ini [General] MutateExplosion boolean 0
Rules(md).ini [General] PrismType BuildingType 0 +
Rules(md).ini [General] PrismSupportModifier float 100
Rules(md).ini [General] PrismSupportMax int 8
Rules(md).ini [General] PrismSupportDelay int 100
Rules(md).ini [General] PrismSupportDuration int 15
Rules(md).ini [General] PrismSupportHeight int 300
Rules(md).ini [General] V3RocketPauseFrames int 0
Rules(md).ini [General] V3RocketTiltFrames int 60
Rules(md).ini [General] V3RocketPitchInitial float 0.0
Rules(md).ini [General] V3RocketPitchFinal float 1.0
Rules(md).ini [General] V3RocketTurnRate float 0.05
Rules(md).ini [General] V3RocketRaiseRate float 1
Rules(md).ini [General] V3RocketAcceleration float 0.04
Rules(md).ini [General] V3RocketAltitude int 768
Rules(md).ini [General] V3RocketDamage int 1000
Rules(md).ini [General] V3RocketEliteDamage int 1000
Rules(md).ini [General] V3RocketBodyLength int 256
Rules(md).ini [General] V3RocketLazyCurve boolean 1
Rules(md).ini [General] V3RocketType AircraftType 0 +
Rules(md).ini [General] DMislPauseFrames int 10
Rules(md).ini [General] DMislTiltFrames int 60
Rules(md).ini [General] DMislPitchInitial float 0
Rules(md).ini [General] DMislPitchFinal float 1.0
Rules(md).ini [General] DMislTurnRate float 0.05
Rules(md).ini [General] DMislRaiseRate float 1
Rules(md).ini [General] DMislAcceleration float 0.04
Rules(md).ini [General] DMislAltitude int 768
Rules(md).ini [General] DMislDamage int 1000
Rules(md).ini [General] DMislEliteDamage int 1000
Rules(md).ini [General] DMislBodyLength int 128
Rules(md).ini [General] DMislLazyCurve boolean 0
Rules(md).ini [General] DMislType AircraftType 0 +
Rules(md).ini [General] CMislPauseFrames int 10
Rules(md).ini [General] CMislTiltFrames int 30
Rules(md).ini [General] CMislPitchInitial float 1.0
Rules(md).ini [General] CMislPitchFinal float 1.0
Rules(md).ini [General] CMislTurnRate float 1.0
Rules(md).ini [General] CMislRaiseRate float 1
Rules(md).ini [General] CMislAcceleration float 0.06
Rules(md).ini [General] CMislAltitude int 768
Rules(md).ini [General] CMislDamage int 500
Rules(md).ini [General] CMislEliteDamage int 500
Rules(md).ini [General] CMislBodyLength int 128
Rules(md).ini [General] CMislLazyCurve boolean 0
Rules(md).ini [General] CMislType AircraftType 0 +
Rules(md).ini [General] ParadropRadius int 1024
Rules(md).ini [General] SpotlightMovementRadius int 2000
Rules(md).ini [General] SpotlightLocationRadius int 1000
Rules(md).ini [General] SpotlightSpeed float 0.05
Rules(md).ini [General] SpotlightAcceleration float 0.005
Rules(md).ini [General] SpotlightAngle float 20
Rules(md).ini [General] SpotlightRadius int 175
Rules(md).ini [General] RevealTriggerRadius int 5
Rules(md).ini [General] ChargeToDrainRatio float 3.0
Rules(md).ini [General] WallBuildSpeedCoefficient float 0.5
Rules(md).ini [General] ConditionYellowSparkingProbability float 0.01
Rules(md).ini [General] ConditionRedSparkingProbability float 0.02
Rules(md).ini [General] AITriggerSuccessWeightDelta float  ?
Rules(md).ini [General] AITriggerFailureWeightDelta float  ?
Rules(md).ini [General] AITriggerTrackRecordCoefficient float  ?
Rules(md).ini [General] WeedCapacity int 0
Rules(md).ini [General] FlashFrameTime int 7
Rules(md).ini [General] RadarCombatFlashTime int 21
Rules(md).ini [General] RadarEventSpeed float 1.0
Rules(md).ini [General] RadarEventRotationSpeed float 0.1
Rules(md).ini [General] RadarEventSuppressionDistances vector<int> {}
Rules(md).ini [General] RadarEventVisibilityDurations vector<int> {}
Rules(md).ini [General] RadarEventDurations vector<int> {}
Rules(md).ini [General] RadarEventMinRadius int 5
Rules(md).ini [General] RadarEventColorSpeed float 0.05
Rules(md).ini [General] MyEffectivenessCoefficientDefault float 0.0
Rules(md).ini [General] TargetEffectivenessCoefficientDefault float 0.0
Rules(md).ini [General] TargetSpecialThreatCoefficientDefault float 0.0
Rules(md).ini [General] TargetStrengthCoefficientDefault float 0.0
Rules(md).ini [General] TargetDistanceCoefficientDefault float 0.0
Rules(md).ini [General] DumbMyEffectivenessCoefficient float 0.0
Rules(md).ini [General] DumbTargetEffectivenessCoefficient float 0.0
Rules(md).ini [General] DumbTargetSpecialThreatCoefficient float 0.0
Rules(md).ini [General] DumbTargetStrengthCoefficient float 0.0
Rules(md).ini [General] DumbTargetDistanceCoefficient float 0.0
Rules(md).ini [General] EnemyHouseThreatBonus int 0.0
Rules(md).ini [General] VeinholeMonsterStrength int 10000
Rules(md).ini [General] MaxVeinholeGrowth int 1000
Rules(md).ini [General] VeinholeGrowthRate int 100
Rules(md).ini [General] VeinholeShrinkRate int 100
Rules(md).ini [General] VeinDamage int 2
Rules(md).ini [General] VeinholeTypeClass TerrainType 0 +
Rules(md).ini [General] DefaultMirageDisguises vector<TerrainType> {} +
Rules(md).ini [General] InfantryBlinkDisguiseTime int 0
Rules(md).ini [General] MaximumQueuedObjects int 5
Rules(md).ini [General] MaxWaypointPathLength int 15
Rules(md).ini [General] TreeStrength int 25
Rules(md).ini [General] EngineerCaptureLevel float 1.0
Rules(md).ini [General] TalkBubbleTime float 300
Terrain Control INI files [General] RampBase int 0
Terrain Control INI files [General] RampSmooth int 0
Terrain Control INI files [General] MMRampBase int 0
Terrain Control INI files [General] ClearTile int 0
Terrain Control INI files [General] RoughTile int 0
Terrain Control INI files [General] ClearToRoughLat int 0
Terrain Control INI files [General] SandTile int 0
Terrain Control INI files [General] ClearToSandLat int 0
Terrain Control INI files [General] GreenTile int 0
Terrain Control INI files [General] ClearToGreenLat int 0
Terrain Control INI files [General] PaveTile int 0
Terrain Control INI files [General] MiscPaveTile int 0
Terrain Control INI files [General] ClearToPaveLat int 0
Terrain Control INI files [General] HeightBase int 0
Terrain Control INI files [General] BlackTile int 0
Terrain Control INI files [General] CliffSet int 0
Terrain Control INI files [General] ShorePieces int 0
Terrain Control INI files [General] WaterSet int 0
Terrain Control INI files [General] Ice1Set int 0
Terrain Control INI files [General] Ice2Set int 0
Terrain Control INI files [General] IceShoreSet int 0
Terrain Control INI files [General] BridgeSet int 0
Terrain Control INI files [General] TrainBridgeSet int 0
Terrain Control INI files [General] SlopeSetPieces int 0
Terrain Control INI files [General] SlopeSetPieces2 int 0
Terrain Control INI files [General] MonorailSlopes int 0
Terrain Control INI files [General] Tunnels int 0
Terrain Control INI files [General] TrackTunnels int 0
Terrain Control INI files [General] DirtTunnels int 0
Terrain Control INI files [General] DirtTrackTunnels int 0
Terrain Control INI files [General] WaterfallEast int 0
Terrain Control INI files [General] WaterfallWest int 0
Terrain Control INI files [General] WaterfallNorth int 0
Terrain Control INI files [General] WaterfallSouth int 0
Terrain Control INI files [General] CliffRamps int 0
Terrain Control INI files [General] PavedRoads int 0
Terrain Control INI files [General] PavedRoadEnds int 0
Terrain Control INI files [General] Medians int 0
Terrain Control INI files [General] RoughGround int 0
Terrain Control INI files [General] DirtRoadJunction int 0
Terrain Control INI files [General] DirtRoadCurve int 0
Terrain Control INI files [General] DirtRoadStraight int 0
Terrain Control INI files [General] BridgeTopLeft1 int 0
Terrain Control INI files [General] BridgeTopLeft2 int 0
Terrain Control INI files [General] BridgeBottomRight1 int 0
Terrain Control INI files [General] BridgeBottomRight2 int 0
Terrain Control INI files [General] BridgeTopRight1 int 0
Terrain Control INI files [General] BridgeTopRight2 int 0
Terrain Control INI files [General] BridgeBottomLeft1 int 0
Terrain Control INI files [General] BridgeBottomLeft2 int 0
Terrain Control INI files [General] BridgeMiddle1 int 0
Terrain Control INI files [General] BridgeMiddle2 int 0
Terrain Control INI files [General] DestroyableCliffs int 0
Terrain Control INI files [General] WaterCliffs int 0
Terrain Control INI files [General] WaterCaves int 0
Terrain Control INI files [General] PavedRoadSlopes int 0
Terrain Control INI files [General] DirtRoadSlopes int 0
Terrain Control INI files [General] CrystalTile int 0
Terrain Control INI files [General] ClearToCrystalLat int 0
Terrain Control INI files [General] SwampTile int 0
Terrain Control INI files [General] WaterToSwampLat int 0
Terrain Control INI files [General] BlueMoldTile int 0
Terrain Control INI files [General] ClearToBlueMoldLat int 0
Terrain Control INI files [General] CrystalCliff int 0
Terrain Control INI files [General] KodiakCrash int 0

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