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Flag: UseChargeDrain
File(s): rules(md).ini
Values: Boolean values: yes or no, true or false, 1 or 0
Default: no
Applicable to: SuperWeaponTypes

Cc cnrdelete-all.pngLogic related to UseChargeDrain, as a whole or in part, is obsolete in Red Alert 2 and/or Yuri's Revenge.

This flag indicates that the super weapon has an effect that is applied over time instead of in one burst - after it is fired, the super weapon gradually discharges. Whilst the super weapon has some charge, it can be fired again to switch its effect off. Once the effect is turned off or the charge is drained completely, it starts recharging again. The super weapon's own RechargeTime determines how long it takes to recharge completely, and [General]ChargeToDrainRatio= is a multiplier to that charge time used to calculate how long it will take the super weapon to drain its charge completely.

This flag was designed for the Type=Firestorm super weapon and has a lot of hardcoded behaviour related to it. As such, it is not advised to use this flag on other SuperWeaponTypes. For example, using this flag on the Iron Curtain super weapon would allow the owner to fire the Iron Curtain many times during the discharge period, because at no point does firing an Iron Curtain count as switching it off.