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Flag: High
File(s): rules(md).ini
Values: boolean
Default: no
Applicable to: Weapons

In Yuri's Revenge, on weapons which use a warhead that has has MindControl set, the Damage value determines the number of victims that can be controlled simultaneously by a unit that has said weapon. If this number of victims are controlled, and the controller attempts to control additional targets, an already-controlled unit must be released from control to "make room" for the new victim. Otherwise, no new targets can be acquired (even with other weapons that may not be mind-controlling ones (but see Notes).

If InfiniteMindControl is set on a weapon which uses a warhead that has MindControl set, the game will skip checking the weapon's Damage when determining the amount of victims a controller can simultaneously control. Instead, it will look up OverloadCount. The OverloadCount list consists of a series of numbers. The game will check the current amount of MindControl links of the unit against these numbers. The controller will be classed into the "category" of highest number on the list that the amount is less than, or equal to. These categories are numbered, and once a unit's category has been determined, for example, having equal or less links than the 3rd number in the list would make a unit fall under "category 3", the game will then look up the OverloadDamage and OverloadFrames lists and deal the 3rd number in the OverloadDamage list to the unit, with a delay between each processing that is determined by the 3rd number in the OverloadFrames list. In short, the controlling unit will take gradual damage while the number of targets it controls exceeds the first number in the DamageOverload list and damage is increased for each successive category of MC link numbers that the unit advances by controlling additional victims.


  • It is not possible to acquire additional targets with a unit which has met its maximum of simultaneous MC links (determined by the Damage on the MC weapon). This has only been tested in cases where the MindControl weapon was the unit's Primary. In such a case, the unit would be unable to engage any controllable target with either Primary or Secondary.
    • It may however be that the unit remains capable of engaging non-controllable targets with a non-controlling Secondary. This has not been tested.
    • Ares allows mind-controlling weapons to be set in the Secondary slot. It may be possible that this would allow a unit to engage things (even controllable targets) with its' Primary, even if the maximum of MC links (determined by the Secondary) has been met. This has not been tested.

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