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Flag: IonBlast
File(s): Rules(md).ini
Values: Strings (Names of Animations)
Special Values: None
Default: null
Applicable to: General

Specifies the animation played when a Super Weapon with Type=IonCannon hits the ground (and/or its target). Both this animation and the one set under IonBeam are played at the same time.
In Yuri's Revenge, a Super Weapon with Type=GeneticConverter also uses this animation as the "blast wave".

RockPatch Info

Rpo.png In RockPatch version CE and higher, this animation is also played when any Super Weapon with Type=IonCannon strikes the designated location along with the animation specified in IonBeam. As this anim is used with the Genetic Mutator as well, if you are using both Super Weapon types, then try to use an animation suitable to both.