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Flag: V3RocketLazyCurve, DMislLazyCurve, CMislLazyCurveYro.png
File(s): rules(md).ini
Values: boolean
Default: unknown, flag should not be omitted
Applicable to: General

V3RocketLazyCurve, DMislLazyCurve and CMislLazyCurve are part of the Rocket/Missile control sections of Rules(md).ini's [General] section. They control whether the V3 Rocket, Dreadnought missile or Boomer Cruise Missile fly in a big, lazy curve, respectively. The term "Lazy Curve" alludes to the big arc the V3 Rocket travels along, as opposed to the more direct or even unguided path of all missiles in the game. As such, this is only set to "yes" on V3RocketLazyCurve, while DMislLazyCurve and CMislLazyCurve are both set to "no".

The Boomer Sub, and with it the Boomer Cruise Missile and CMislLazyCurve are only available in Yuri's Revenge.


Using LazyCurve with a V3RocketPitchFinal or DMislPitchFinal of 1 (vertical) will cause the spawned missile to fly straight up and never come back down no matter where the target is.

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