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Flag: Arcing
File(s): Rules(md).ini
Values: boolean
Default: no
Applicable to: Projectiles

If set, the projectile will fly towards its target in an arcing path. Normally1 the height of the arc depends on the distance to the target: the further away it is, the higher the arc. The curvature of the arc appears fixed.

In Red Alert

The following information has not yet been verified. If you can contribute, please do so.

It has been said that this flag makes the projectile inaccurate. This effect is true at farther ranges.

In Tiberian Sun to Yuri's Revenge

Arcing=yes makes the projectile travel at a fixed speed of 50, ignoring both Acceleration and the weapon's Speed. It also makes the weapon able to shoot slightly farther than its Range would suggest, and this extra distance is only increased with elevation (i.e. from a cliff top).

See the affecting flags of Gravity and BallisticScatter.

1 See Lobber.