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Mission Control

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This section in rules(md).ini specified behavioural characteristics of objects engaged in missions. These 'missions' are not singleplayer campaign missions or anything like that. A mission in this sense is something like 'Attack', or 'Area Guard' or 'Harvest'. Something that the computer performs automatically.

Most mission behaviour is hardcoded into the EXE file, but a few values can be overridden in each mission's section in the rules(md).ini file.

New missions cannot be added, and conversely you should not remove any either. There are quite a few within the section, some are unused. Some new missions have been added in Red Alert 2 and Yuri's Revenge. This has been noted in the table. Here are all missions contained within the Mission Control section, in the order they appear in the INI:

Mission Name Function / Objective
Sleep Unit basically plays dead.
Harmless Unit will not return fire, and is not considered a threat by the AI.
Sticky Operates like Guard mode, but the unit will not move from its current location.
Attack Attack mission used by team logic.
Move Move to a destination. Simple as that.
Patrol Patrol a series of waypoints. Used by units in a waypoint loop.
QMove Queued Move. Similar to move, but only used when all other queued moves have been carried out.
Retreat Run away. The INI states that the unit may leave the map too.
Guard Engage any enemy that enters weapons range. The defending unit may follow the aggressor.
Enter Enter a building or transport.
Eaten Ra2small.pngYro.png Function unknown.
Capture Mission used whenever an Engineer unit enters something.
Harvest Automatic mission used by harvester units. Collect ore, dump it, repeat.
Area Guard Guard the general area around the unit.
Return An unused mission.
Stop Halt! Basically, the unit will cease firing and moving whenever it can.
Ambush An unused mission.
Hunt Seek out and attack enemy units.
Unload Unloading cargo, e.g. an APC unloading passengers.
Sabotage C4 mission.
Construction Mission used by buildings when they are initially placed.
Selling Mission used by buildings during deconstruction, i.e. when they're sold.
Repair Used by the Service Depot to repair the docked unit.
Rescue A special override mission. Perhaps used if a critical unit is in danger.
Missile Used by a Nuke Silo when it is firing.
Open Gate structure operation.