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This page acts as a parent page for all (or most) sidebar content pages. If you want to add your own sidebar, do the following things:

  • Create the content-area of your sidebar, complete with parameters, as a child of this page (e.g. ModEnc:Sidebars/ExampleBar)
  • Create the template people will call (e.g. ExampleBar)
  • Call Template:Sidebar from within that template
  • Pass your content page complete with parameters to Sidebar's content parameter, while having new parameters for the template input (e.g. content={{ModEnc:Sidebars/ExampleBar|{{{example}}}|{{{param}}}}})
  • Now you should be able to do {{ExampleBar|example=foo|param=bar}}, which would resolve to a Sidebar call with a content of ModEnc:Sidebars/ExampleBar|foo|bar, which would resolve to foo and bar occupying places {{{1}}} and {{{2}}} in the output of ModEnc:Sidebars/ExampleBar.


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