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Flag: MultipleFactory
File(s): Rules(md).ini
Values: Floating point values: Any decimal number (clearer range should be added in Template:Values).
Default: 1.0
Applicable to: General

Controls the bonus multiplier to building and unit production speed when multiple factories are present. Applies to all factory types.

In Tiberian Sun and Firestorm

For every nth factory, the production speed is calculated with the following formula, provided that n > 1:

Build speed = 100% * MultipleFactory * (n-1)

Due to the nature of this formula, the production speed bonus behaves rather irrationally. See the following examples:

  • If 0.5 < MultipleFactory < 1.0, building a second factory slows down the production speed, while building more than two factories increases it. If 0.33... < MultipleFactory < 0.5, you need more than three factories to increase the production speed. And so on.
  • If MultipleFactory=1.0, building a second factory gives no bonus at all, but getting a third factory doubles the production speed.

In Red Alert 2 and Yuri's Revenge

Contrary to previous C&C games, MultipleFactory is now a linear, cumulative multiplier to factory production speed, with lower values meaning faster speed. For example, when MultipleFactory=0.8 you get a build rate of 1.0 for having one factory, 0.8 for having two, 0.64 for having three, 0.512 for having four, etc.