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Flag: NodAIBuildsWalls
File(s): rules(md).ini
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This entry was copied from DeeZire's Red Alert 2 and Yuris Revenge INI Editing Guide for the sake of completeness. As it is not our intention to rip off DeeZire's work, this article is subject to a re-write and update with the latest community knowledge.

For further information, please read Inclusion of The Guide.

Can be set to 'yes' or 'no' and determines whether or not the AI will build walls when it is a Soviet army. Appears to have no effect as structures can now have the ProtectWithWall= tag which makes the AI more effective at wall deployment. In either case, the AI has never been any good at building walls and the 'new' wall logic that was implemented in Tiberian Sun (where you could string wall sections together as determined by their GuardRange= ) simply causes more problems and the AI eventually makes its own base practically impassable - this in turn causes the game to slow to a crawl as the AI tries to move its units.