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Extended C&C
by Olaf van der Spek

Extended C&C, more commonly known as simply XCC, is the label Olaf van der Spek uses to release his tools under. The label and Olaf himself owe much of their fame to the XCC Utilities, which was the first wide-spread suite of modding-tools for MIX/INI based Westwood games. The tools evolved over the years and games, and the latest incarnations of XCC Mixer can also read Generals' and BfME's BIG and other of their formats. XCC's last big coup was XWIS, the XCC WOL IRC Server.

XCC Mixer
XCC Mix Editor
XCC TMP Editor
XCC Sound Editor
XCC String Table Editor
XCC Mod Creator
XCC Mod Launcher (missing some buttons)
XCC Utilities
XCC AV Player An audio/video player that plays Tiberian Dawn and Red Alert multimedia directly from the .mix files.
XCC Mixer A file system/.mix/.big browser/extractor, mainly used to extract content from .mix files or to view/convert graphics in(to) game formats.
XCC Mix Editor Mainly used to create new .mix files.
XCC TMP Editor Can load/edit the terrain files used by RA2/YR.
The XCC DLL Pack might be needed.

Other XCC Tools
XCC Sound Editor This tool is included in the Mixer. It allows you to view/edit the ingame sounds (audio.bag/audio.idx).
XCC String Table Editor This tool is included in the Mixer. It allows you to view/edit the game's strings (ra2{md}.csf).
XCC Editor A map editor like CC Map for Tiberian Dawn.
XCC Mod Creator Easy way to pack up and distribute your mod, making sure everything is where it should be - only way to seriously include new sounds in your mod. Exports to Mod Launcher files/executables.
XCC Mod Launcher The application running the packages created by Mod Creator.
XCC Map Encoder/Decoder A compression tool for TS and RA2 maps.
XCC Radar Customizer Can change several attributes of TS's or RA2's ingame radar (i.e. how the terrain is displayed in it).
XCC RA2 Map Updater Automatically downloads all map packs available from Westwood before it starts RA2.
XCC WOL IRC Server Olaf's custom-made WOL-server, now hijacked by EA 'cause it's cheaper to maintain.
Command Line Tools
XCC INI CLT This is a command line tool that allows you to add or substract two INI files. Very useful to find out what's been changed since a particular version of your mod (to find bugs).
XCC MIX CLT This is a command line tool that allows you to extract files from a MIX file.
Winamp Plugins
XCC AUD Writer Plug-In Writes .aud files, the audio format used in pre-RA2 C&ampCs.
XCC IMA ADPCM WAV Writer Plug-In Writes .wav files with an IMA ADPCM codec, the audio format used in RA2 and YR.
The XCC DLL Pack might be needed.

See also

  • XCC Homepage
  • XCC = Extended C&C: [1] [2]
  • XCC DLL Pack (extract and place into same directory as tools)
  • Old version (Use this if you're getting errors regarding missing DLL files and the XCC DLL Pack above doesn't help)