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Flag: Scanario
File(s): Battle(md).ini / Theme(md).ini
Values: filename / integer
Default: none / 0
Applicable to: Battle(md).ini / Theme(md).ini
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In Battle(md).ini

In Battle(md).ini, this flag is used to denote the starting mission for this campaign. It is used in this style:


The file extension is required for this flag.

In Theme(md).ini

In Theme(md).ini, this flag denotes at what scenario this theme becomes available. It uses an integer format, i.e, 1 is Mission 1. It is not, by default, campaign specific, i.e. the theme will become available after Mission 1 of any campaign. You can use the Side tag to provide a form of this though. It defaults to 0, i.e. the theme will always be available if it has Normal=yes set. It is used in this convention:

Where x is a positive integer.