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Flag: Normal
File(s): Theme(md).ini
Values: boolean
Default: yes
Applicable to: Themes

As a Flag

Specifies whether or not this theme is listed in the game's playlist.

As a Section

This page should correctly be named "[Normal]"; it is wrong due to technical restrictions.

This section, along with Easy and Difficult, controls the impact the selected difficulty has on the players. This particular section defines the tweaks applied when "Normal" difficulty is selected.
Here you may alter various multipliers to game aspects. Some only affect AI players, others affect both AI and human players. You may edit multipliers using the following tags:
Note: n.n means a simple floating point number

This is the speed multiplier for all aerial units (afaik not including jumpjets)
This is the multiplier to unit and building armor strength
This tag controls whether the computer builds slower than the human player
This is the multiplier to unit and building cost
This is the multiplier to all weapons' firepower
This is the speed multiplier for all ground units
This is the multiplier to all weapons' rate of fire

These tags only affect the computer player(s):

This controls whether the AI should consider the contents of a transport when choosing a target
This controls the time in minutes between starting building repair
This controls the time in minutes between starting construction
This controls whether the AI should scan for and destroy enemy walls

From tests with modifications including Robot Storm, Future Crisis and Mental Omega, the above settings will affect skirmish difficulty selection e.g. easy, normal, brutal.

Applicable INI Flags

These tables show all INI flags applicable1 to Normal. The flags are grouped by the internal classes the flags are inherited from, and then listed in the order they are read in by the game. You can re-sort the rows by column values by clicking the arrow icons in the column headings. Each flag can be clicked to visit its page for detailed information.

Please note that this section is accurate only for Yuri's Revenge. All other C&C games use different sets of flags.

1 "Applicable" in this context means "read from the INI files". Certain flags listed here don't have any effect ingame , but they are read and in certain cases cause a crash if not present. Again, refer to each flag's individual page for detailed information.

INI File Section Key Value Type Default Value Adds to list
Rules(md).ini [Normal] Firepower float  ?
Rules(md).ini [Normal] Groundspeed float  ?
Rules(md).ini [Normal] Airspeed float  ?
Rules(md).ini [Normal] Armor float  ?
Rules(md).ini [Normal] ROF float  ?
Rules(md).ini [Normal] Cost float  ?
Rules(md).ini [Normal] RepairDelay float  ?
Rules(md).ini [Normal] BuildDelay float  ?
Rules(md).ini [Normal] BuildSlowdown boolean  ?
Rules(md).ini [Normal] BuildTime float  ?
Rules(md).ini [Normal] DestroyWalls boolean  ?
Rules(md).ini [Normal] ContentScan boolean  ?

See also Difficulty_Settings.