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Flag: ShakeScreen
File(s): rules(md).ini
Values: Unsigned integers: All non-negative whole numbers from 0 to either 32767, 2147483647 or 4294967295.
Applicable to: AudioVisual

Cc cnrdelete-all.pngLogic related to ShakeScreen, as a whole or in part, is obsolete in Tiberian Sun, Red Alert 2 and/or Yuri's Revenge.

Originally intended effect

The object's Strength is divided by this value, and if the resulting value is greater than 1, the screen would shake upon the object's destruction. In other words, bigger objects cause screen shaking.

Actual effect

Although this flag is valid and parsed in Red Alert 2 and Tiberian Sun, it no longer has any effect in game, as the routine in the game code that actually shakes the screen has been removed.

Please note that setting this value to zero will, despite the lack of any functionality normally in the flag, cause an Internal Error.

This effect can now be controlled using the new screen shaking flags which are defined on Warheads.

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