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Flag: SnowOccupationBits
File(s): Rules(md).ini
Values: Signed integers: All whole numbers from -2147483648 to 2147483647; in rare cases, only from -32768 to 32767.
Default: 7
Applicable to: TerrainTypes

This flag determines if and how a 1x1 TerrainType object allows InfantryTypes to occupy1 its cell. The values and their effects are listed below:

Value Effect
0 Allows occupation of all three corners, south, east, and west 2 Occupationbits0.png
1 Allows occupation of south and west corners Occupationbits1.png
2 Allows occupation of south and east corners Occupationbits2.png
3 Allows occupation of only south corner Occupationbits3.png
4 Allows occupation of east and west corners Occupationbits4.png
5 Allows occupation of only west corner Occupationbits5.png
6 Allows occupation of only east corner Occupationbits6.png
7 No occupation allowed Occupationbits7.png
>7 The above pattern repeats itself.

Negative values

Negative values have the above pattern reversed. In other words, SnowOccupationBits=-1 is the same as SnowOccupationBits=7; Infantry cannot occupy any corner. SnowOccupationBits=-2 is the same as SnowOccupationBits=6; Infantry can only occupy the east corner. And so on.

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1 InfantryTypes are unique in that they can move between and occupy subunits of a map cell.

2 In Tiberian Sun through Yuri's Revenge, infantry can never actually occupy the north corner, only move through it.