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Armor types

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Armor Classes

In TS, there were 5 armor types - none, light, wood, heavy and concrete. RA2 had 11 - none, flak, plate, light, medium, heavy, wood, steel, concrete, special_1 and special_2. Their main use is to differentiate the damage done by weapons among different types of target. They allow anti tank shells to do high damage to tanks, but virtually nothing to infantry for example. In RA2, certain armor is used exclusively by certain classes of unit to enable weapons to exclusively target certain types of unit (sniper only fire on infantry and not units or buildings for instance), while armor is used in a less structured way in TS. The use of armor in RA2 is detailed below:

for standard infantry, easy to destroy by anything.
for special infantry, more resistant than 'none'.
for exclusive infantry, is nearly immune to tank shells, tougher to penetrate by bullets.
for light vehicles, easy to break.
exclusive to miners and Kirovs, very resistant to everything.
for heavy tanks, almost identical to 'light' by resistance, but tends to be more resistant to explosives, bullets and fire.
light building armor, very fragile.
base defense and superweapon armor, more resistant than others.
exclusive to Conyards and Shipyards, very resistant to superweapons.
for Terror Drone, easily penetrated by both bullets and cannon shells. Much weaker against bulllets, especially [20mmRapid], however.
for V3/Dreadnought/Boomer missiles, so if a lot of them is fired, one exploding in the air won't destroy the others in proximity. A lot of weapons such as radiation however can destroy missiles before launch, this can be very unfair and it may be advisable to change the warhead to do 0% or make missiles immune to its effects e.g. ImmuneToRadiation=yes.

Warhead Verses

All warheads deal damage depending on Verses, which set percentage of Damage= to be applied to specific armor types. There are also two special percentage values concerning targetting status along with damage.:

  • 0% verses means no force fire, no retaliate, no passive acquire. It is an invalid target, unless the Secondary can target that armortype.
  • 1% verses means no passive acquire. Even if the unit has CanPassiveAquire=yes set.

These are documented differently in the Rules.ini's comments, but those documentations (especially concerning 2%) are not accurate to how the game engine behaves.

The Verses entry takes the form of a comma seperated list of percentages where the order reflects which armor type the percentage damage is against. The order for both TS and RA2 is already documented above in the armor classes section.

    • In fact, due to Westwood's misspelling, Verses should be Versus and Aquire should be Acquire. These spelling errors have been corrected in Ares' new tags. Of course, the original tags have not been modified to be compatible with the old code.