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XCC Mixer Menus

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This article documents the XCC Mixer menu commands.


New... (Ctrl+N)
Creates a new MIX file and prompts you where to save it.
Open... (Ctrl+O)
Lets you open a MIX file from your computer.
Close (Backspace)
Closes the currently open MIX file / folder. Same effect as pressing Backspace in Windows Explorer.
Create SFL
Creates a Standard file list.dat file in its directory. This file is used to identify installed games.
Find... (Ctrl+F)
Lets you search for a file by its filename. Only searches inside recognised games' directories. Supports DOS wildcards - ? stands for "any single character", and * stands for "anything at all, including nothing". For example,
will find ggweap.shp, gaweap.shp, but not gdiweap.shp.
will find untitem.pal, unitsno.pal, and other theatre palettes as well as unit.pal, should such a file exist.
Found >
Lists all the known games it has found, and their MIX files.
Closes the program.


This menu deals with file conversion options. See XCC Mixer file conversion for more details.

Combine shadows
Tells the Mixer to combine shadows when converting.
Enable compression
Tells the Mixer to enable SHP compression when converting.
Fix shadows
Tells the Mixer to fix shadows when converting.
Split shadows
Tells the Mixer to split shadows when converting.


Each subitem in the menu tells the Mixer to treat all files as belonging to that game.
Tells the Mixer to try and guess which game the selected file belongs to.
Lists all the palette-using games and their palettes that it has found. Select a palette from the list to use it for previewing SHP files.
Auto select the best palette for each file.
Auto Select (Ctrl+Q)
Tells the Mixer to guess the best palette for the current file.
Select... (Ctrl+P)
Opens a dialog listing all the palettes in a treeview, so you can select yourself.
Previous (Ctrl+[)
Selects the previous palette (the ordering from the treeview is used).
Next (Ctrl+])
Selects the next palette (the ordering from the treeview is used).
Convert from TD
Tells the mixer to treat the source file as a Tiberian Dawn SHP when converting.
Convert from RA
Tells the mixer to treat the source file as a Red Alert SHP when converting.
Use for conversion
Tells the mixer to apply the selected palette to files when converting.
Lets you choose a mode for voxel preview.
Renders the voxels in their respective colours.
Surface normals
Renders the voxels in grayscale, showing only their normals and not colours.
Depth information
Renders the voxels in grayscale, using darker shades of gray to depict longer distance from the viewpoint. (In English, the darker a voxel block is, the further that voxel block is from you.)
DirectX Options...
Shows all the known game directories. You can edit certain games' directories by hand, but will have to edit the registry for others.
Generates an html file telling you some information: The directories currently open in each panel, the status of Combine/Split Shadows, the known game directories, Mixer's own directory, and a list of files in each panel.


FinalSun home page
Opens the FinalSun home page.
Sun Edit 2K home page
Opens the SunEdit 2K home page.
XCC home page
Opens the XCC home page.


The commands in this menu enable or disable themselves depending on whether the Mixer can find the referenced programs on your computer.

XCC AV Player
Launches the XCC Audio/Video player.
XCC Editor
Launches the XCC Editor.
XCC Mix Editor
Launches the XCC Mix Editor.
XCC Mod Creator
Launches the XCC Mod Creator.
XCC Mod Launcher
Launches the XCC Mod Launcher.
XCC Object Extractor >
Launches the XCC Object Extractor.
XCC Sound Editor >
Launches the XCC Sound Editor, and optionally asks you for the BAG file to open.
XCC String Table Editor >
Launches the XCC String Table Editor, and optionally asks you for the CSF file to open.
XCC Theme Writer >
Launches the XCC Theme Writer.
Launches FinalSun.
Launches FinalAlert. (Not Final Alert 2, unfortunately.)
SunEdit 2K
Launches SunEdit 2K.
SunEdit 2K Mod Manager
Launches SunEdit 2K Mod Manager.
Launches RAGE.
Dune 2
Launches Dune 2.
Tiberian Dawn
Launches Tiberian Dawn.
Red Alert
Launches Red Alert.
Dune 2000
Launches Dune 2000.
Tiberian Sun
Launches Tiberian Sun.
Red Alert 2
Launches Red Alert 2.

Context (right click) menu

The commands in this menu enable or disable themselves depending on the format of the currently selected file, whether it is in a mix file or not, and other factors.

Open (Enter)
Opens the current file - opens a MIX, plays a SHP/audio file, does nothing on voxels/maps/ini files.
Open with FinalSun
Opens the current file in FinalSun.
Open with FinalAlert
Opens the current file in FinalAlert. (Not Final Alert 2, unfortunately.)
Opens the Windows Explorer in the currently open directory.
Clipboard >
Copy (Ctrl+C)
Copies the current file into the clipboard (The Mixer has its own clipboard, not to be confused with the Windows' one).
Pastes the file from the clipboard into the directory. Prompts you for the filename.
Paste as SHP(TS)
Creates a SHP file and pastes the file from the clipboard. Prompts you for the filename and additional SHP properties - frame size and count. (See here for more info.)
Prompts you for a location/filename and lets you save the current file.
Copies the selected file(s) to the location selected in the other panel.
Import >
Only works on XIF files, lets you import a previously extracted object into a game of your choice.
Refresh (F5)
Refreshes the panel contents.
Lets you resize the current file. Quality loss.
Compacts the currently open MIX file, same as hitting Compact in XCC Mix Editor.
Delete (Del)
Deletes the current file.
Copy As <format>
Copies the current file to the other panel as a selected format. See here for more info.