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Flag: Airburst
File(s): Rules(md).ini
Values: boolean
Default: no
Applicable to: Projectiles

If set, the projectile will detonate above its target and fire off its attached AirburstWeapon at the target.


  • If no AirburstWeapon has been defined on a projectile, it will still detonate above its' target if Airburst has been set on it.
  • In Tiberian Sun, it is possible to use Airburst without VeryHigh, causing the projectile to fire its' AirburstWeapon when impacting on the ground at the target like an ordinary projectile. In Red Alert 2, using Airburst forces the projectile to also fly in the VeryHigh pattern, regardless of the setting of the VeryHigh tag on the projectile.
    • Because VeryHigh only applies to homing projectiles however, it is possible to force the use of AirburstWeapons on projectiles that detonate on the ground, by using Arcing or invisible projectiles. However, doing so will only cause the AirburstWeapons to detonate in the exact same spot as the carrying projectile, instead of spreading them around the impact.
  • In Tiberian Sun, if a projectile has Airburst, an AirburstWeapon and Cluster, the Cluster stat determines the amount of AirburstWeapon instances to spawn, while in Red Alert 2, using Airburst on a projectile will cause it to ignore its' Cluster setting.
  • Setting an AirburstWeapon without setting Airburst=yes has no effect at all.

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