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Flag: AirburstWeapon
File(s): Rules(md).ini
Values: Strings (Names of Weapons)
Applicable to: Projectiles

If set, this projectile will fly over its target and detonate, firing 9[1] of these weapons down on and around the target. To work properly, the projectile also needs Airburst=yes. If the cluster projectiles are of homing type, they will spread in a 7x7 (in cells) square around the target. Otherwise, they will cover a smaller 3x3 area centered on the target. In addition, the speed of homing cluster projectiles is hardcoded to approximately 20.

Note: Like with ShrapnelWeapon, the weapon referenced here must be attached to some (potentially dummy) TechnoType, so that the game loads it at startup. Failure to do so will result in Internal Errors when this weapon is supposed to fire.

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  1. or the amount defined in Cluster if this projectile also has Splits=yes

Cc documentinfo.png Automatic List Inclusion

Objects used as values for this flag are automatically listed under the appropriate internal array. However no harm can be done by listing them manually.