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Flag: BallisticScatter
File(s): rules(md).ini
Values: Floating point values: Any decimal number (clearer range should be added in Template:Values). (Limited to: range in cells)
Default: 1.0
Applicable to: CombatDamage

Defined in the CombatDamage section, this specifies the maximum distance in cells that inaccurate ballistic projectiles will scatter.

Red Alert

A projectile is inaccurate if it has Inaccurate=yes set, or it has been fired by a unit on the move. A projectile is also inaccurate if it is targeting a cell or infantry with either the warhead AP or a projectile with Ranged=yes.

If Arcing=no, the projectile's target is scattered up to BallisticScatter cells in a random direction.

Tiberian Sun

If a projectile fired by a unit or structure has Inaccurate=yes and Arcing=yes set, the projectile's target is scattered from BallisticScatter / 2 to BallisticScatter cells in a random direction.

Red Alert 2

Behaves like in Tiberian Sun, if FlakScatter=no or Inviso=yes (read on in the latter case for possible additional effects).

Otherwise inaccurate projectiles (Inaccurate=yes, Arcing=yes, FlakScatter=yes and Inviso=no) scatter from 0 to BallisticScatter mutiplied by the ratio of distance to target and the firing weapon's range. The farther away the target is, the larger the scatter range can become, up to BallisticScatter if the target is merely in the weapon's range.

Independently of those two behaviors, FlakScatter=yes and Inviso=yes projectiles are scattered randomly by an (additional) BallisticScatter to 2 * BallisticScatter multiplied by the ratio of distance to target and the weapon's range.

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