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Flag: HarvesterImmune
File(s): Maps
Values: Boolean values: yes or no, true or false, 1 or 0
Applicable to: SpecialFlags

Enables the Harvester Truce feature for a map and determines whether all Harvesters or Ore Miners are immune to normal combat damage. This affects many game logics like auto-targeting, which just ignore Harvesters.

Harvester Truce isn't featured in Red Alert 2 and later. It might still work, though the new game logics might not respect this flag.

HarvesterImmune and [CombatDamage]

Even though it appears in the CombatDamage section in all games from Tiberian Sun to Yuri's Revenge, it is never read from that section in any of those games and thus does not exist as a CombatDamage flag. As a chiefly multiplayer option, the correct place for this flag is the SpecialFlags section in a map file.