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This page should correctly be named "[CombatDamage]"; it is wrong due to technical restrictions.

In this section of rules(md).ini, the game's combat, damage and related settings are located.

Applicable INI Flags

These tables show all INI flags applicable1 to CombatDamage. The flags are grouped by the internal classes the flags are inherited from, and then listed in the order they are read in by the game. You can re-sort the rows by column values by clicking the arrow icons in the column headings. Each flag can be clicked to visit its page for detailed information.

Please note that this section is accurate only for Yuri's Revenge. All other C&C games use different sets of flags.

1 "Applicable" in this context means "read from the INI files". Certain flags listed here don't have any effect ingame , but they are read and in certain cases cause a crash if not present. Again, refer to each flag's individual page for detailed information.

INI File Section Key Value Type Default Value Adds to list
Rules(md).ini [CombatDamage] AmmoCrateDamage int 100
Rules(md).ini [CombatDamage] IonCannonDamage int 700
Rules(md).ini [CombatDamage] RailgunDamageRadius int 128
Rules(md).ini [CombatDamage] TiberiumExplosionDamage int 100
Rules(md).ini [CombatDamage] TiberiumStrength int 10
Rules(md).ini [CombatDamage] Scorches vector<SmudgeType> {}
Rules(md).ini [CombatDamage] Scorches1 vector<SmudgeType> {}
Rules(md).ini [CombatDamage] Scorches2 vector<SmudgeType> {}
Rules(md).ini [CombatDamage] Scorches3 vector<SmudgeType> {}
Rules(md).ini [CombatDamage] Scorches4 vector<SmudgeType> {}
Rules(md).ini [CombatDamage] SplashList vector<Animation> {} +
Rules(md).ini [CombatDamage] FlameDamage WarheadType 0 +
Rules(md).ini [CombatDamage] FlameDamage2 WarheadType 0 +
Rules(md).ini [CombatDamage] C4Warhead WarheadType 0 +
Rules(md).ini [CombatDamage] CrushWarhead WarheadType 0 +
Rules(md).ini [CombatDamage] V3Warhead WarheadType 0 +
Rules(md).ini [CombatDamage] DMislWarhead WarheadType 0 +
Rules(md).ini [CombatDamage] V3EliteWarhead WarheadType 0 +
Rules(md).ini [CombatDamage] DMislEliteWarhead WarheadType 0 +
Rules(md).ini [CombatDamage] CMislWarhead WarheadType 0 +
Rules(md).ini [CombatDamage] CMislEliteWarhead WarheadType 0 +
Rules(md).ini [CombatDamage] IvanWarhead WarheadType 0 +
Rules(md).ini [CombatDamage] CanDetonateTimeBomb boolean 0
Rules(md).ini [CombatDamage] CanDetonateDeathBomb boolean 0
Rules(md).ini [CombatDamage] DeathWeapon WeaponType 0 +
Rules(md).ini [CombatDamage] IvanDamage int 1000
Rules(md).ini [CombatDamage] IvanTimedDelay int 450
Rules(md).ini [CombatDamage] IvanIconFlickerRate int 8
Rules(md).ini [CombatDamage] IronCurtainDuration int 0
Rules(md).ini [CombatDamage] PsychicRevealRadius int 3
Rules(md).ini [CombatDamage] OccupyDamageMultiplier float 1.0
Rules(md).ini [CombatDamage] OccupyROFMultiplier float 1.0
Rules(md).ini [CombatDamage] OccupyWeaponRange int 5
Rules(md).ini [CombatDamage] BunkerDamageMultiplier float 1.0
Rules(md).ini [CombatDamage] BunkerROFMultiplier float 1.0
Rules(md).ini [CombatDamage] BunkerWeaponRangeBonus int 2
Rules(md).ini [CombatDamage] OpenToppedDamageMultiplier float 1.0
Rules(md).ini [CombatDamage] OpenToppedRangeBonus int 2
Rules(md).ini [CombatDamage] OpenToppedWarpDistance int 5
Rules(md).ini [CombatDamage] OverloadCount vector<int> {}
Rules(md).ini [CombatDamage] OverloadDamage vector<int> {}
Rules(md).ini [CombatDamage] OverloadFrames vector<int> {}
Rules(md).ini [CombatDamage] MindControlAttackLineFrames int 15
Rules(md).ini [CombatDamage] DrainAnimationType Animation 0 +
Rules(md).ini [CombatDamage] DrainMoneyFrameDelay int 100
Rules(md).ini [CombatDamage] DrainMoneyAmount int 0
Rules(md).ini [CombatDamage] FallingDamageMultiplier float 1.0
Rules(md).ini [CombatDamage] CurrentStrengthDamage boolean 1
Rules(md).ini [CombatDamage] ControlledAnimationType Animation 0 +
Rules(md).ini [CombatDamage] PermaControlledAnimationType Animation 0 +
Rules(md).ini [CombatDamage] IonCannonWarhead WarheadType 0 +
Rules(md).ini [CombatDamage] DefaultLargeGreySmokeSystem ParticleSystem 0 +
Rules(md).ini [CombatDamage] DefaultSmallGreySmokeSystem ParticleSystem 0 +
Rules(md).ini [CombatDamage] DefaultSparkSystem ParticleSystem 0 +
Rules(md).ini [CombatDamage] DefaultLargeRedSmokeSystem ParticleSystem 0 +
Rules(md).ini [CombatDamage] DefaultSmallRedSmokeSystem ParticleSystem 0 +
Rules(md).ini [CombatDamage] DefaultDebrisSmokeSystem ParticleSystem 0 +
Rules(md).ini [CombatDamage] DefaultFireStreamSystem ParticleSystem 0 +
Rules(md).ini [CombatDamage] DefaultTestParticleSystem ParticleSystem 0 +
Rules(md).ini [CombatDamage] DefaultRepairParticleSystem ParticleSystem 0 +
Rules(md).ini [CombatDamage] BerzerkAllowed boolean 0
Rules(md).ini [CombatDamage] TurboBoost float 1.5
Rules(md).ini [CombatDamage] AtomDamage int 1000
Rules(md).ini [CombatDamage] BallisticScatter float 256
Rules(md).ini [CombatDamage] BridgeStrength int 1000
Rules(md).ini [CombatDamage] C4Delay float 0.03
Rules(md).ini [CombatDamage] Crush float 384
Rules(md).ini [CombatDamage] ExpSpread float 0.5
Rules(md).ini [CombatDamage] FireSuppress float 256
Rules(md).ini [CombatDamage] HomingScatter float 512
Rules(md).ini [CombatDamage] MaxDamage int 1000
Rules(md).ini [CombatDamage] MinDamage int 1
Rules(md).ini [CombatDamage] TiberiumExplosive boolean 0
Rules(md).ini [CombatDamage] PlayerAutoCrush boolean 0
Rules(md).ini [CombatDamage] PlayerReturnFire boolean 0
Rules(md).ini [CombatDamage] PlayerScatter boolean 0
Rules(md).ini [CombatDamage] TreeTargeting boolean 0
Rules(md).ini [CombatDamage] Incoming int 0
Rules(md).ini [CombatDamage] CollapseChance int 100

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