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Flag: HunterSeeker
File(s): rules(md).ini
Values: Boolean values: yes or no, true or false, 1 or 0
Default: no
Applicable to: VehicleTypes

Can be set to yes or no and determines if this unit is a Hunter Seeker.

This tag will make units with the fly locomotor use HunterSeekerDescendProximity, HunterSeekerDetonateProximity, HunterSeekerEmergeSpeed, HunterSeekerAscentSpeed, and HunterSeekerDescentSpeed. The unit will follow its target and damage it using the primary weapon when the Hunter Seeker comes closer than HunterSeekerDetonateProximity. The primary weapon is not actually fired; only its Damage and Warhead are used to deliver the damage.

Hunter Seekers will never fire their weapons because the target is always considered out of range. Hunter Seekers are never affected by Ion Storms.

It appears that this logic is at least partly residual from Tiberian Sun, although it has a slightly different effect. This tag was not valid on a unit (even though it was present) in Tiberian Sun, although in Red Alert 2 you can put it on a unit as a special case - provided that unit has a weapon, this tag will make it follow the target around (although the weapon itself will not actually fire).

In Yuri's Revenge this tag is parsed, but none of the effects above are triggered. Rather is it used to deactivate certain features related to movement or firing.