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Maps/Section: AITriggerTypesEnable

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Flag: Maps/Section: AITriggerTypesEnable
File(s): rules(md).ini
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This entry was copied from DeeZire's Red Alert 2 and Yuris Revenge INI Editing Guide for the sake of completeness. As it is not our intention to rip off DeeZire's work, this article is subject to a re-write and update with the latest community knowledge.

For further information, please read Inclusion of The Guide.

This section is used to specify which of the global AITriggerTypes are to be used by computer controlled armies when they are present and play on this map. Global AI Triggers are all defined in the AI.INI file and are identified by the presence of '-G' as a suffix to their identification number. Local AI Triggers on the other hand do not use this convention and are defined in the map file itself.

The useful thing about this section is that it can be used to enable or disable individual AI Triggers, thus time spent on this section will result in the AI being tailored specifically for play on this map. For example, if the map contains no stretches of water, it would be a good idea to disable those AI Triggers which cause the computer to build Naval units - this will also speed up game play, as the game will not conduct the tests on the conditions specified by disabled triggers either.

The section simply lists all of the AITriggerTypes from the AI.INI file followed by a setting on each one specifying either 'yes' (use this trigger) or 'no' (don't use this trigger). For example;-


This means that the global (i.e. from AI.INI) AITriggerType identified by 0CE23AAC-G will be used on this map.

TIP: by default, all global AITriggerTypes are enabled (i.e. set to 'yes') so you do not need to include this section (thus increase map file size) if you are simply going to set them all to 'yes' (meaning the AI will simply use all available triggers from AI.INI). Similarly, if you plan on setting them all to 'no' (effectively telling the computer armies to ignore AI.INI) then there is no need to include this section either - simply set IgnoreGlobalAITriggers=yes in the [Basic] section instead. See the AI.INI Guide for more details of the AI and AITriggerTypes.