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This entry was copied from DeeZire's Red Alert 2 and Yuris Revenge INI Editing Guide for the sake of completeness. As it is not our intention to rip off DeeZire's work, this article is subject to a re-write and update with the latest community knowledge.

For further information, please read Inclusion of The Guide.

Actions, obviously, let you do things. When the condition specified by an event is met, the action is carried out. A typical action looks like this;-


Is the hexadecimal numbered string which is the unique identifier for this Action. For convention, it is wise to stick to this hex numbering system although this is not strictly necessary. NOTE: this ID should match the ID for the corresponding Event= and also the corresponding Trigger=. The associated Tag= (see later) is what strings the whole process together.

Is the number of actions to be performed. The game will expect this number of Actions followed by their parameters in the list.

These numbers contain the parameters for each Action - they mean different things for different actions and not all actions require any or all of these to be set. The 'n' (second) parameter is the most frequently used one. Here's an example of an Action entry;-


In the example you can see that we have 2 actions (number of actions to carry out is set to '2') and the parameters for each of those actions follows - the first action is 47,0,0,0,0,0,0,A and the second action is 11,0,22,0,0,0,0,A. Using the guide below, that line means that Local Variable number '1' will be set and the whole map will be revealed.

The waypoint parameter. This must be in the 'lettered' convention, and specifies the waypoint (cell) on the map where the action is to be carried out - only if applicable, as not all actions require a waypoint. See the [Waypoints] section (below) for more details.

A full list of available actions and a more detailed description of each follows. You will see from the events and now the actions how the game engine itself works - its simply a continuous process of testing for certain criteria then doing something when each condition is met.

TIP: during the detailed descriptions, you will find many references to RULES file entries and sections. These are mentioned since they can also be included in your map file to provide a further degree of customization to the map and gain more control over the actions themselves - refer to the RULES.INI Guide for more details.

0 = No Action - e.g. 0,0,0,0,0,0,A
This is a null action. It will do nothing and is equivalent to not having an action at all.

1 = Winner Of Game - e.g. 1,0,<house number>,0,0,0,0,A
The house specified by the second parameter instantly wins the game. The game will end immediately.

2 = Loser Of Game - e.g. 2,0,<house number>,0,0,0,0,A
The house specified by the second parameter instantly loses the game. The game will end immediately.

3 = Begin AI Auto Production - e.g. 3,0,<house number>,0,0,0,0,A
The computer controlled house specified by the second parameter will begin auto-production of units and structures. The game defaults to this behaviour in 'skirmish' mode.

4 = Create TeamType - e.g. 4,0,<TeamType ID>,0,0,0,0,A
Creates the TeamType specified by the second parameter with ownership passed to the house of this trigger. The team members are not automatically created - usually the TeamType is assembled from units already existing on the map.

5 = Destroy TeamType - e.g. 5,0,<TeamType ID>,0,0,0,0,A
Destroys all instances of the TeamType specified by the second parameter. The team members are 'dissolved' which means that they are left in their default mission and made available for recruitment into further teams.

6 = All Hunt - e.g. 6,0,<house number>,0,0,0,0,A
Forces all units of the house specified by the second parameter to adopt the 'hunt' mission (see the AI.INI Guide) - they will seek out and destroy their enemies in a suicide fashion.

7 = Reinforcement TeamType - e.g. 7,0,<TeamType ID>,0,0,0,0,A
Creates a reinforcement of the specified TeamType. The members of the team are instantly created by this action (there is no cost or time involved in the creation) and ownership is passed to the house of this trigger. The appearance of the TeamType is accompanied by the EVA_ReinforcementsHaveArrived voice (see the EVA.INI Guide).

8 = DropZone Flare - e.g. 8,0,0,0,0,0,0,N
Displays a drop zone flair at the waypoint specified and reveals the map around that waypoint. The animation is defined by the DropZoneAnim= statement in the [AudioVisual] section of the RULES file, and the radius (in cells) that is revealed is determined by the RevealTriggerRadius= statement in the [General] section.

9 = Fire Sale - e.g. 9,0,<house number>,0,0,0,0,A
Forces all buildings of the specified house to be sold (this will produce credits and infantry 'survivors'). Typically this is used in the final assault by the computer when the situation seems hopeless.

10 = Play Movie - e.g. 10,0,<movie number>,0,0,0,0,A
Displays the movie (full screen) specified by the second parameter. The game is paused while this occurs and resumes normally after it completes. The movie specified must be from the [Movies] list in ART.INI. See the Appendices for details of Available Movies.

11 = Display Text String - e.g. 11,0,<CSF entry>,0,0,0,0,A
Displays the text string specified from the .CSF file in the top left of the screen. This action uses two parameters from the [AudioVisual] section of the RULES file for the sound effects which accompany it - IncomingMessage= is used when the message first appears, and MessageCharTyped= is used as each letter of the string appears (a pseudo-typing effect is used to display the text).

12 = Destroy Trigger - e.g. 12,0,<Trigger ID>,0,0,0,0,A
Destroys all current instances of the trigger type specified. This does not prevent future instances of that trigger from being created.

13 = Start AutoCreate - e.g. 13,0,<house number>,0,0,0,0,A
Initiates the unit autocreate process for the house specified. This will cause the computer's house to build autocreate teams as it sees fit.

14 = Change House - e.g. 14,0,<house number>,0,0,0,0,A
Changes owning house to the one specified for attached objects.

15 = Allow Win - e.g. 15,0,0,0,0,0,0,A
Removes one 'blockage' from allowing the player to win. The blockage number is equal the number of triggers created that have this action.

16 = Reveal Map - e.g. 16,0,0,0,0,0,0,A
Reveals the whole map, removing shroud.

17 = Reveal Around Waypoint - e.g. 17,0,<waypoint number>,0,0,0,0,A
Reveals the map around the specified waypoint. The radius around the waypoint that gets revealed is controlled by the RevealTriggerRadius= statement in the [AudioVisual] section of the RULES file which is also used for action #101.

18 = Reveal Zone Of Waypoint - e.g. 18,0,<waypoint number>,0,0,0,0,A
Reveals all cells that share the same zone as the waypoint specified. This can yield some weird results - see event #24 for more details on what does and does not constitute a waypoint's zone which may help with troubleshooting this action.

19 = Play Sound Effect - e.g. 19,0,<sound effect name>,0,0,0,0,A
Plays the sound effect specified. The sound effect must be from the [SoundList] in the SOUND file. All players will hear the sound effect.

20 = Play Theme - e.g. 20,0,<theme name>,0,0,0,0,A
Plays the music theme specified. The theme must be from the [Themes] list in the THEME file. All players will hear the theme.

21 = Play Speech - e.g. 21,0,<speech name>,0,0,0,0,A
Plays the EVA speech specified. The speech must be from the [DialogList] list in the EVA file. All players will hear this, and the speech heard by each player will be appropriate to their side or ParentCountry=.

22 = Force Trigger - e.g. 22,0,<Trigger ID>,0,0,0,0,A
Forces all triggers of this specified type to spring regardless of what its event flags may indicate.

23 = Timer Start - e.g. 23,0,0,0,0,0,0,A
Starts the global mission timer. This is accompanied by the EVA_TimerStarted voice.

24 = Timer Stop - e.g. 24,0,0,0,0,0,0,A
Stops the global mission timer. This is accompanied by the EVA_TimerStopped voice.

25 = Timer Extend - e.g. 25,0,