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Flag: PadAircraft
File(s): rules(md).ini
Values: Comma-separated list of strings. (Limited to: AircraftTypes)
Applicable to: General

This statement must be present and must include only valid AircraftTypes, otherwise you will get an IE upon entering the game (the moment when you gain control over your units at the very beginning of a session).

The first aircraft on this list is spawned whenever a BuildingType with HoverPad=yes is constructed and [General]SeparateAircraft=no is set. The aircraft will appear docked to the building regardless of whether or not the building has Helipad=yes set.

In Red Alert 2, this flag also lists the AircraftTypes that must dock with a BuildingType that has Helipad=yes set. This list should include all aircraft with AirportBound=yes set in order to make sure that production is not continued when subsequently produced aircraft would have nowhere to land. Failure to list such aircraft results in the first AirportBound aircraft beyond the number of available docks switching to "On Hold" state about 40% into the construction process and never completing.