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Flag: Report
File(s): Rules(md).ini
Values: strings (names of Sounds)
Default: none
Applicable to: Weapons

Specifies a sound (from sound(md).ini [SoundList]) to be played when this weapon fires.

The oddity here, though, as opposed to most other sound listings (like for example VoiceDeploy) is that while the listing is chosen randomly, it's only chosen once at the creation of the individual unit instead of at each use. Meaning each built unit of that type will only play one listing, and consistantly play it when that unit fires instead of using all options on Report= list.

The downside is that if one wishes to use the sounds of two sound(md).ini entries, they would have to make one listing for all desired sounds, even if everything is already defined in other entries to that ini.

The only positive of this quirk is that vehicles can be a bit more individualized by exploiting multiple listings. Such as junky-looking technicals could utilize differing machine gun tones, or a weaponized propaganda truck could have 'unique' public adress system voices for seperate trucks.