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Flag: TechLevel
File(s): Rules(md).ini, Maps
Values: signed integers
Default: -1 (255 on TechnoTypes)
Applicable to: MultiplayerDialogSettings (Ra2small.pngYro.png) , InfantryTypes, VehicleTypes, AircraftTypes, BuildingTypes (rules(md).ini), Houses (maps)

On BuildingTypes

By constructing the building, the house's "technology level" is increased to this value, if necessary.

On Infantry/Vehicle/Aircraft Types

This flag specifies the "technology level" necessary to build this object.

In [MultiplayerDialogSettings]

This flag specifies the maximum TechLevel achievable in the game. In previous games, you could control this by means of another slider, like the one used for Starting Money or Game Speed. The effect of this limit is that only TechLevel values in the interval 0 - this value (inclusive) are considered "allowed", and all others are disabled.

On Houses

This flag specifies the starting tech level for this AI-controlled house.

Limitations of this system

TechLevel limitations
TechLevel Can be
Built by AI Built by Humans A Crate goodie A Secret Lab boon
-1 Cc apply.png Cc cancel.png Cc apply.png Cc apply.png
0 through the maximum
(set in MultiplayerDialogSettings)
Cc apply.png Cc apply.png Cc apply.png Cc apply.png
above the maximum Cc cancel.png Cc cancel.png Cc cancel.png Cc apply.png

TechLevel -2 and below are considered as buildable at any TechLevel.

And AI doesn't build Techlevel -1 units even if given in TaskForces. Buildings case is covered in the table above.

Additional note

The hack that Westwood used to make battle bunkers in YR stay owned when empty and not evict infantry when damaged is tied to Techlevel= ; if the techlevel is -1, the building will be treated as a normal civilian building. If the techlevel is anything besides -1, it will be treated with battle bunker logic