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Flag: Technician
File(s): rules(md).ini
Values: InfantryTypes
Default: none
Applicable to: General

Defines an InfantryType that is used as crew for the unplayable sides. These sides are the ones not named "GDI" or "Nod" in TS, and the first two or three defined sides in RA2 and YR respectively.

Technicians also have a 15% probability to spawn as survivors instead of ordinary crew from units and buildings if the unit or building is armed, i.e. it has a weapon or it is occupied. This does not apply in case the game already determined an Engineer should be spawned.

If at least one crewed building can spawn a technician on destruction or when selling, Technician has to be set to a valid InfantryType, otherwise the game will crash in both cases.

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