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Flag: UndeploysInto
File(s): Rules(md).ini
Values: strings (names of VehicleTypes)
Special Values: none (needs confirmation)
Applicable to: BuildingTypes

Specifies the VehicleType that this BuildingType can undeploy into (you can set which VehicleType deploys into this BuildingType by using the DeploysInto flag). This BuildingType's Buildup animation is played (in full length, unlike when you sell this building) in reverse direction.

It has been reported that using UndeploysInto=none results in the object automatically being sold when undeployed.

Undeployed vehicle facing

Mind that if the game doesn't know which direction the VehicleType should be facing when it undeploys, it will undeploy the building without spawning the vehicle. The facing can be specified in the following ways:

INI Flag Facing
Warning small.png Warning: Side-effects.
TickTank=yes North-West
Artillary=yes North-East
ICBMLauncher=yes North-East
Yro.pngDeployFacing As set