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Flag: WeaponCount
File(s): Rules(md).ini
Values: unsigned integers, (0 to 18)
Default: uninitialized (see below)
Applicable to: VehicleTypes, BuildingTypes

Specifies the amount of weapons this object has. Used for special weapon systems, for example, turret-changers (Gunner=yes), charge turrets (IsChargeTurret=yes), or gattling logic (IsGattling=yes).

In those cases, the game parses weapons specified by (Elite)Weapon%d= , where %d represents the number between 1 and WeaponCount, as opposed to (Elite)Primary/Secondary it loads normally. Then, (Elite)Weapon1 is used as the default weapon instead of Primary.

Values larger than 18 are not allowed and will corrupt memory.

Cc alert.png Bugs/Side-Effects/Unexpected Limitations

The game does not initialize this to a constant value. If this tag is not defined, random garbage in memory is used as weapon count, which can lead to desyncs, crashes during loading time, or -- in the worst case -- appear to be working. If TurretCount is greater than 0, set this value, too.