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Flag: Doggie
File(s): rules(md).ini
Values: Boolean values: yes or no, true or false, 1 or 0
Default: no
Applicable to: InfantryTypes

Cc cnrdelete-all.pngLogic related to Doggie, as a whole or in part, is obsolete in Red Alert 2 and/or Yuri's Revenge.

Used on the Tiberium Fiend in Tiberian Sun. Among other things this tag controls the hunting behavior and increases the panic duration when in red health with Fearless=no even if Fraidycat=no.

Doggie=yes infantry on a guard mission will turn south-east and sit down (go prone) on cells containing any type of Tiberium. Tiberian Fiend art must have Crawls=yes for this to work. To make the Tiberian Fiend not fire when prone, use FireProne=0,0,0.

If hurt severely, the unit will stop attacking and run for a nearby cell containing Tiberium. This makes the Tiberium Fiend regenerate health if TiberiumHeal=yes. Consider at least setting TiberiumProof=yes, so the Fiend is not hurt more when fleeing.

When dying, infantry with Doggie=yes plays Die5 sequence instead of using FlamingInfantry or the electro animation, and they do not leave any DeadBodies behind.

This tag is obsolete in Red Alert 2 and Yuri's Revenge. It is parsed but does not do anything.