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Flag: EliteAbilities
File(s): Rules(md).ini
Values: Comma-separated list of strings. (Limited to: hardcoded values (see article))
Default: none
Applicable to: All TechnoTypes: InfantryTypes, VehicleTypes, AircraftTypes, and BuildingTypes

This flag specifies a list of veterancy bonuses that this object gains when it reaches "Elite" stage. All possible values are hardcoded, and are listed at VeteranAbilities.

These values do not stack with VeteranAbilities; i.e. you do not get twice the damage reduction from having the ARMOR statement in both lists. However, current abilities cannot be altered between Veteran and Elite level. In other words, the game will still keep the SENSORS ability at Elite level, even if it is only in the Veteran list.

Note: Contrary to what one might expect, the FIREPOWER and ROF bonuses are applied to the object's Elite weapon, if any.

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