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Flag: VeteranAbilities
File(s): rules(md).ini
Values: Comma-separated list of strings. (Limited to: hardcoded values)
Applicable to: TechnoTypes:

AircraftTypes, BuildingTypes, InfantryTypes and VehicleTypes

This flag specifies a list of promotional bonuses granted to a unit upon reaching "Veteran" status.

Accepted values

Value Effect
FASTER Applies the effect of VeteranSpeed to Speed
STRONGER Applies the effect of VeteranArmor to damage received
FIREPOWER Applies the effect of VeteranCombat to Damage of all weapons
SCATTER Causes unit to automatically scatter from weapon fire and move away from units that attempt to crush it (if applicable)
ROF Applies the effect of VeteranROF to ROF of all weapons
SIGHT Applies the effect of VeteranSight to Sight
CLOAK Grants the effect of Cloakable=yes
TIBERIUM_PROOF Grants the effect of TiberiumProof=yes
VEIN_PROOF Grants the effect of ImmuneToVeins=yes
SELF_HEAL Grants the effect of SelfHealing=yes
EXPLODES Grants the effect of Explodes=yes
RADAR_INVISIBLE Grants the effect of RadarInvisible=yes
SENSORS Grants the effect of Sensors=yes
FEARLESS Grants the effect of Fearless=yes
C4 Grants the effect of C4=yes1
TIBERIUM_HEAL Grants the effect of TiberiumHeal=yes
GUARD_AREA Causes unit to automatically enter a guard mission when idle
CRUSHER Grants the effect of Crusher=yes

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1 C4 promotional bonus only works properly in Tiberian Sun and Firestorm. In Red Alert 2 and Yuri's Revenge the unit will have a C4 cursor for buildings, and even try to run up to them when commanded to plant a C4 charge. However the C4 effect will not activate and the unit will simply fire at the building with its weapon.