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Flag: IsLocomotor
File(s): Rules(md).ini
Values: Boolean values: yes or no, true or false, 1 or 0
Default: false
Applicable to: Warheads

A warhead with this flag set will temporarily inflict a different Locomotor (specified by the flag Locomotor=<locomotor CLSID>) onto the target unit (mind, such warheads can only affect [and thus target] VehicleTypes and AircraftTypes).

A weapon using this warhead will not be able to affect targets whose Size exceeds the weapon's Damage.

However, certain locomotors have odd behavior when applied in this manner. It is unknown whether that is a bug or Westwood's intended way of working, since they only utilized the jumpjet locomotor in the game.

  • the chrono locomotor:
    • after attacking the unit, the weapon won't retarget until manually ordered or the targeted unit is destroyed. Also, the victim will be frozen stiff after being moved, and will become easy prey for anything.
  • Aircraft locomotor:
    • the target will be 'stunned', and will ignore commands given to it. But it won't move anywhere. Add Landable=yes to the target unit, to stop it from doing so. (Discovered by CKW)
  • Infantry, vehicle & ship locomotors:
    • The target will move using it's default locomotor and then freeze as with the chrono locomotor.
  • Subterannean, Spawned Missile & Hover locomotor:
    • The target will stop, and move orders will be frequently interupted while the weapon is affecting the target. (Possibly related to the ROF)
  • Droppod:
    • The target will move to the firer place like a meteor, It can even hurt the firer. However, the affected units will always occupy the space where they are attacked. For Vehicle, you can use ChronoSphereSpecial to "kill" it by one unit to make the cell normal, but for Aircraft, you will get an IE!