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SuperWeaponTypeClass - Member Variables

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This is the offset table for the member variables of the SuperWeaponTypeClass class.

Offset Type Name Description
0x98 int Index Index in the global SuperWeaponTypeClass array.
0x9C WeaponTypeClass* WeaponType
0xA0 DWORD unknown
0xA4 DWORD unknown
0xA8 DWORD unknown
0xAC DWORD unknown
0xB0 float RechargeTime
0xB4 int Type
0xB8 CCFileClass* SidebarImage
0xBC int Action
0xC0 int SpecialSound
0xC4 int StartSound
0xC8 BuildingTypeClass* AuxBuilding
0xCC char[0x18] SidebarImage_FileName
0xE4 BYTE reserved Zero-termination of the SidebarImage_FileName
0xE5 bool UseChargeDrain
0xE6 bool IsPowered
0xE7 bool DisableableFromShell
0xE8 int FlashSidebarTabFrames
0xEC bool AIDefendAgainst
0xED bool PreClick
0xEE bool PostClick
0xEF BYTE unused
0xF0 int PreDependent
0xF4 bool ShowTimer
0xF5 bool ManualControl
0xF6 WORD unused
0xF8 float Range
0xFC int LineMultiplier