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Flag: InfantryGainSelfHeal
File(s): rules(md).ini
Values: Unsigned integers: All non-negative whole numbers from 0 to either 32767, 2147483647 or 4294967295.
Default: 0
Applicable to: BuildingTypes

If set to a value greater than zero, the BuildingType periodically heals all of the owner's InfantryTypes on the map after each SelfHealInfantryFrames by SelfHealInfantryAmount multiplied by this flag's value. Additionally, all of the player's InfantryTypes receive a red cross pip next to their health bar which blinks every time the InfantryType is healed by this logic. The effect is constant for as long as the BuildingType is intact and owned by the player, effectively rendering the still-valid Hospital flag obsolete.

If set to zero, it completely disables the flag (the health bar pip doesn't even appear) as opposed to simply not healing.


The effects of this flag stack for every additional building a player has with this flag set (eg. the more Tech Hospitals a player owns, the faster their infantry heal).

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