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Legacy RockPatch Wishlist/Page 1

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This is legacy information, included here for historical purposes.

General Bugfixes/Corrections

Table of Contents

Note: the following wishlist is now OBSOLETE, stored for archiving purposes only.

  • Fixing of the "Tank Bunker only allows ground locomotor units" issue (it should allow hover locomotor too).
  • Fixing of the "TIBMINExx is hardcoded to spawn xx entry from [Tiberiums]" issue, preferably changing xx to an INI-controlled value
  • Fixing of the "AttachedParticleSystem= nullifies Burst=" issue
  • Fix various hardcoded YR bugs. See [1] for list.
  • Fix Carryall Logic for Hind.
  • Rumor has it that NonVehicle=yes does not actually block Vehicle Hijackers, it just gives a no entry cursor and still lets them hijack...this needs fixing.
  • NonVehicle=yes also needs to prevent the Tote action (carryall logic) from grabbing the unit too.
  • UseOwnName=true cannot be used on a VehicleType (only InfantryTypes). Any vehicle placed inside an IFV will cause the IFV to have a name of "Rocket IFV" (or Repair/Machine Gun if IFV mode 1/2/3).
  • Any way to optimize cloaking code or speed it up
  • Fix VehicleThief and Thief logic (currently, you need both to get hijackers to work but the infantry can then enter refineries to no effect)
  • Fix the PrismSupportModifier bug (if a [General] section is declared on a map and a value is not defined there, the value is set to infinite or something)
  • The use of HoverPad=yes causes an Internal Error if the AI uses a Nuke or Weather Storm. This is a pain because the HoverPad=yes can be used to make hover units land on service depots and, better yet, allows an airpad to come with a free aircraft - but we can't use it because of the damned IE!
    Not so much of a problem, see discussion.
  • having 2 PKT files makes some maps get listed ingame twice. can you fix this?
  • Fix adding new [BuildingTypes] breaking single player campains. See this link for a better description: [2]}}
  • Fix code so you can build all units of a BuildLimit >1 in a row
    (right now, if you have BuildLimit=10, for example, you can only build 9, something else, and then the last one)
  • The 'sell unit' function can be resurrected using a super weapon. However, you can sell any docked unit, including Tank-Bunkered units. Selling a Tank-Bunkered unit leaves the Tank Bunker walls up, rendering it useless. Selling the Tank Bunker then causes an Internal Error. Now, we don't want 'sell unit' forcibly resurrected, however it would be nice if either A) Tank-Bunkered units couldn't be sold (preferred choice), or B) Tank-Bunkers' walls retracted and the Bunker continued to work normally (second choice), or C) selling a 'broken' Tank Bunker did not cause an Internal Error.
  • HarvestersPerRefinery - Make this usable
  • A rules option so that units will consider in their threat scan neutral player-owned units that have a weapon or non-zero threat rating. It's so annoying if your mod has something that generates neutral infantry opponents that your units and, more importantly, the AI completely ignores.
  • fix the "AI doesn't deploy MCVs with new locomotors set on them" bug(IE hover, jumpjet, subter...)
  • Force refresh when returning from game-mode menu to apply changes to the menu made by a game mode, such as money range, or starting units range.
  • Tote action (carryall logic) and Heal action (negative damage weapon given to an infantry) need to point to sequences in mouse.sha rather than to the same single frame.
  • If an AnimToInfantry call occurs for an animation that is positioned in a place where no infantry can land then the call will be suspended (potentially for the remainder of the game). This is believed by some to cause a general game slow down. Either way, it doesn't look nice. Perhaps the call could be cancelled if there is no space...
  • WeaponXTurretLocked=true "bug" when unit turns 180 the turret may spin in the opposed direction instead of following with voxle nit’s direction.
  • AccelerationFactor=0.01; This has a problem with voxel scales.
  • IsTrain=yes, MovementRestrictedTo=Railroad one of these has the control for the train movement and the turn is 135 or 90 but the train should only turn 45 to prevent jumping tracks.
  • in RA2 you can place a PKT with a map/maps in a mix, and rename it to an MMX and the map will work, like a map pack, however, the YR equevalant YRO(as documented by deezire) files don't actually work. my idea is to try and make them work!
  • Improve the havester logic so it (the harvester) cannot go to an enemy base (and then get killed) when there is an Ore on it (enemy base)
  • Factory Plant Settings reduce Solyent values to prevent income generation explotation. (If implemented, this should definitely be optional - I myself reduce soylents manually so I don't want them reduced further by owning an Industrial Plant.) By default vehicle refund should be 50%. Basically if you make a vehicle 25% cheaper, you should only get 50% of its value back
  • Code the Hospital=yes and Machine Shop tag so that owning multiple buildings does generate an undocumented cumulative effect.
  • The game reads langmd.mix > missionsmd.pkt and uses it to determine which gamemodes the stock maps are available in. Editing this file and dropping it in the directory causes random bugs and duplicate entries in the map list. If possible, add a rules tag pointing to a filename to read instead of missionsmd.pkt (de-hardcode the reference, like the IsIFV= and similar new tags do). Like [General]-->PKTFile= .
  • A fix for the ridiculous slowdown caused by having an extra CD drive or too-good hardware. In my case, my P4 3.0GHz and GeForce 5900 are (my the sound of it) the two pieces of hardware that stop me running YR...
  • Fix the currently unworking CloakStop= tag
  • Fix it so that your computer doesn't have to be in 16-bit colour for the windowed mode (from adding -WIN to a shortcut) to work, i.e. it supports 32-bit colour too.
  • Make Fighters/Aircraft Cloakable with their own cloaking unit and can dogfight, ATA without Jumpjet= or altering the height-fongsaunder
  • Allow aircrafts/copters to transport vehicles correctly, not by setting a ridiculous ammount of transportable units. (ex: you'd have to set the Hind and the NightHawk to have alot of pips, about ten, just so one tank could fit in it)
  • Fix the error when having a gate that slides down (TS style) instead of opening sideways which made the gate appear OVER a unit passing on the downed gate.
  • Fix it so that when you add a superweapon upgrade to a building that has a superweapon, it overwrites the previous superweapon, instead of just adding it as a new superweapon (perhaps make it an optional tag)
  • Make PrismType= support more than one
  • Bring back mine layer codes
  • Fix voxel size units that is bigger than a tank. Eg.: Like if you have a mech or walker unit that is bigger than a 1x1 square.Wish voxel size can be user define like VoxelSize=2x2,like what you can do for buildings.
  • Enable the Robotic Centre to accept more than 1 robotic units and if it is destroyed and rebuilt,the robotic units that are more than the first one can be shaken out from their shut down mode. This should also fix a problem with mods that have Vehicle Hijackers and more than 1 type of Robot Tank.
  • Enable a Psi-Warning animation for the intended target of any superweapon, not just the nuke and its clones.
  • Make a unit ELITE with the armory should coast money, like EliteInfantryCoast=3000, armory is to cheaty right now
  • Make so a [vehicletype] can spawn an other [vehicletype]
  • Make so a unit only can built by a specefic warfactory, like BuildOnly=HTNK(on the new warfactory) This is good so big tanks can spawn on a big factory (see the talk page)
  • Make weapon that, when you fire a unit, you get extra hp, like ih Damage is 100, thats mean you take 100hp from them and add 100hp to you
  • BUG: Flipping other tanks... If a tank is to heavy and cant be flipped, the heavy tank get permanetly emp and the tank with flipper weapon cant flipp other unit the heavy tank is dead(not rp bug)
  • Fix so AI dont build more unit than the buildlimit
  • make the tunnel system works(like generals that GLA uses)
  • Make a magnetic push weapon yhat pushes other vehicles away
  • Subterrainean units that have occupants that can fire out of the unit like the Battle Fortress can fire at targets even when traveling underground.
  • Make so Cyborg=yes can get EMP and is allowed to iron curtian protection and also make the make so iron curtians warhead is in rules.ini
  • Enable the Auto-Deploy logic to work with human players. Currently it only works with the AI, human-controlled units are unable to use Auto-Deploy. This was apparantly either unfinished or desupported according to the ini files.
  • Fix the hardcoded CourseLockDuration= and Level= in projectiles, so the unit can fire a bullet that goes in a strange line
  • Fix the Mirage Tank logic so it can work with the turret logic
  • Fix the tankbunker bug in which if it will not be sold if it's a deployed unit (like a MCV), if you choose to sale it it'll just undeploy.
  • Is it possible for a unit to switch weapon when the targeted unit gets in range? So it wouldn't be sort of strange for units with a weapon with CellSpread=.5 or more kill themselves or has to back off with the MinimumRange= logic. Might be possible for melee combat...
  • Fix the bug where if the crew of a jumpjet unit lands on a structure, it will be invulunerable to any attacks except for mind control.
  • Make a unit wait in frames before it fires, so the SHP vehicle can load up and charge
  • Fixing of EMP and large animations causing a reconnect error in online games
  • Showing of tech slider and multi engineer options on online game lobbies
  • EMEffect=yes does not work on Animation warheads, neither does CellSpread from what I can tell, would it be possible to make those work on animations?
  • Allow buildings to detect cloakable/subterrean units, like in normal RA2
  • Allow modify width,color,sound of sonic weapon
  • Allow anti-air weapon Warhead to use Temporal=yes on air targets. Note that this used to work in RA2.
  • Enable Fog of War logic and make it optional in the skirmish menu
  • Allow infantries to be spawned, not just slaves
  • Fix the bug where docked aircrafts sometimes could not be selected correctly when having AirportBound=no.
  • Fix the bug with the new upgrade system, so that aircrafts will not lose the ability to cloak or have sensors when upgraded.
  • Currently, EMEffect and IsPermaControlled do not seem to work on new MissileType warheads, any chance of this being fixed?
  • I would like to see the FlyBy= tag not disable the PoseDir=. As it stands if a aircraft has FlyBy=yes then it will not abide by the PoseDir= tag and will land faceing the last direction it was moveing in. Along with making PoseDir= a unit specific tag and not just global.
  • Make garrisoned structures become ungarrisoned instead of being destroyoed if the owning player is defeated.
  • Fix the Internal Error that can appear upon exiting the game. This can occur both in and out of mods, but seems to occur constantly in one of mine.
  • The MouseCursors system currently cannot change the cursors of existing Actions, such as Tote or Heal. Perhaps you could make whatever's here override the existing hardcoded frames (but not functionality like in the case of TogglePower).
  • Fix the bug for amphibious units to not be killed instantly if unlimboing out from a unit (If you read the Debug.txt you'll know what this mean), this will allow ships and shipyards to have crews that are amphibious infantries, and allowing an "amphibious terror drone".
  • Fix the shadow appearing on top of vehicletype with flying locomotor, this would be practical for a flying fortress without infantries parachuting out.
  • Fix the AnimToInfantry logic so that animations added to the list after GENDEATH can spawn player-owned infantry, rather than neutral infantry. Since some mods probably use this logic to spawn neutral infantry, this should be optional.
  • Make the Spawn logic work on buildings, too. Currently the aircrafts are unable to land.
  • Copy the TechLevel slider and MultiEngineer options to Network and Internet Play, since thex are useless if only availiable in skirmish.

Not clear for my brain

  • Fix the Droppod Locomoter
  • Fix the dam hardcoded stolentech
  • Fix Debris Logic/Improve it
  • In game, when you press esc, there should be a OPTIONS button there
  • Check for any new codes that have no corespondig save & loadgame code and fix it.


  • Allow modify width,color,sound of laser weapon
  • Fixing the 74-unit-bug, aka whiteboy bug
  • Breaking of the 100-unit-limit
  • Fix the issues with the 'Dropship load screen' and alter its logic so it is possible to specify the units to use as the 'DropShip', preferably any type of unit, not just aircraft.
  • Give Aircraft the ability to fire at other aircraft. And if they already can, how?
  • Repair bugs with DropShip load out screen and change cameo highlight to size of RA2 icons.
  • Custom Spy Plane / Airstrike superweapons currently can only have 1 AircraftType listed in the SpyPlane tag, multiple types would be preferable.