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Legacy RockPatch Wishlist/Page 6

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This is legacy information, included here for historical purposes.

Art Related

Table of Contents

Note: the following wishlist is now OBSOLETE, stored for archiving purposes only.

  • Making Aircraft shp can casting shadows on ground [when it fly].like rocketeer the unit shp file will seperate with shadows file example,Airunit.shp <--- Unit file and Airunit_shw.shp <---Shadow of that unit.and adding code on art.ini like "unitshadows=Airunit_shw". [but well..understand?]
  • activate "StartStandFrame=" and "StandFrame=" on art/md.ini to working again.[i already test it before post this it cant work]
  • support 32 face view for shp unit.
  • Adding "AlternateArctic/Urban/weArt" to units as well as infantry
  • Use voxels for infantry, and buildings, for terrain objects
  • Re-enable amphibious alternate VXLs for when crossing between land and water, like it was in TS
  • Allow any color to be used for Alpha_Image
  • Allow NoSpawnAlt= to work with shp files.
  • Aircraft under the chaos effect do not glow red like InfantryTypes and VehicleTypes do. It would be nice if they did.
  • possibility to make shoreline animations (i think something for the TXguys)
(See response on the Discussion Page)
  • Infantry crush animation.
  • Infantry jump animation.
  • Seperate cursor for Heal and Tote
  • DisableIfUnavailable= tag on individual objects to hide their cameo if it would otherwise be gray (not enough aircraft docks, buildlimit reached etc.) to prevent sidebar crowding.
  • SectionSequence for vehicles to allow for submerged frames, damaged frames, firing frames etc, and related to this would be seperate art entries for turrets.
  • Using EVA Voices in animations or buildings
  • A tag in the paradrop superweapon that lets you pick the Gfx used for the parachute (mig eater)
  • Makes the Turret as the Shadow and, all voxel frames will show something like "ShowAllShadow(Turret/Shadow)Sections=true" (genobreaker)
  • Alternate images for veterans (like VetImg=E1Vet) or something, and stuff like VetTur=blah
  • Remap basic color of a unit (Allied units are bluish, Soviets brownish, so if a Allies build a rhino it is bluish) I am not talking about the remap color!
  • AltSovCameo=blah (like if the soviets can build a grizzly, it looks sovietish in the cameo) also, AltAllCameo= etc
  • Add alpha maps for buildings so as to cut out the use of down sizer, and to clean up the edges of buildings.
  • Allow for trailers on normal ground vehicles.
    • Additionally, allow for multiple trailers and their positioning.
  • Facings for trailer anims.
  • Side-specific health bars
  • An AlignFLHToBody= tag that uses the body of the voxel for the FLH alignment instead of the turret, for use with units using the TurretSpin=yes logic. See this thread: [1]
  • Allow shp images to be used for units with all locomotors including true air and subterranean.
  • Slaves can use VXL Files
  • Custom additional cursors for such as deploying, weapons, etc.
  • Make voxel projectiles remapable
  • Use the HVA animation tag. Like HVAWalkFrame=(frames) HVAPrimaryFrame=(frames) HVASecondaryFrame=(frame) will come in hand not only for mech, but also other complicated voxels.
  • Allow infantry to be radar invisible to the enemy when deployed using a tag like RadarInvisibleWhenDeployed=yes. The owner can see the units on their own radar as if the tag wasn't there. This is useful for infantry that deploy "into the ground" as a method of cloaking. Think of the burrow ability that Zerg units have. See InvulnerableWhenDeployed
  • Something to prevent jumpjet infantries (Or flying) from using the prone animation when airborne.


  • enable rotating the map. Comment: YR is a 2D game, no map rotating. [- pd]
  • Add a rules tag that can be attached to superweapons, allowing them to distort around the point the superweapon strikes, ("DistortArea=true", default would be false) like in this TS E3 Screenshot (Alex05): [2] Comment: the Psychic Dominator creates it... though, it's not that extremely distorted. [- pd]