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Legacy RockPatch Wishlist/Page 4

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This is legacy information, included here for historical purposes.

Totally new Features

Table of Contents

Note: the following wishlist is now OBSOLETE, stored for archiving purposes only.

  • Allowing Building Upgrades to serve as Prerequisites.
  • Giving stat multiplier tags to buildings, like in the country settings.
  • Technologies as a new object class - build like infantry/vehicles/buildings, whatever, but aren't placed anywhere, and don't come out from any production building, but instead have certain effects on all your units, or units of a certain type, or whatever, if finished construction (somehow like in AOE or similar). Perhaps with corresponding new BuildCat.
  • The ability to customize the advanced command bar, so that the ability to sell units and toggle power abilities, could be restored and more. Also fix the Sell Unit from Bunker Bug.
  • 4th faction logic which includes: A working 4th base unit, so no more things blow up error. and if possible a whole new setting for this new house, so it wont think its actually Allied or Soviet anymore. But thats an AI bug. Update: Remember to have hardcoded 4th unit to disable 'Short Game' bug.
  • Add a new [DogType] with Factory=DogType, AI Links and everything needed for the new UnitType.
  • a couple of extra multiple prerequisite listings, like "PrerequisitePower=", my guess is Depot, Naval, CNST(Construction), and some miscs, like Misc1, Misc2 etc... would be very usefull.(you might want a repair ship available to all sides requiring any naval yard and any repair depot.)
  • Make SuperWeapons side specific with the tags OwnableBy= and CannotBeOwnedBy=. You play as Yuri and you have your paradrop and you get a Soviet paradrop then you can't use it
  • Make a kind of "spy tank" which makes vehicles able to act like infantry spies - just that they're vehicles [pd]
  • Air units (helicopters) with rotors that spin slower or stop if landed, and constantly spin while they fly via body HVAs (might be too hard to figure out?)
  • Enable SecretAircraft= logic in Secret Lab, so country aircrafts can be available by this tech structure (when all sides own an airfield building)
  • Enable multiplier stuff from countries to be accessable through buildings
  • Unit upgrades (basing on some unused EVA in RA2/YR, with Unit Upgraded)
  • Paradropping Pilots from Aircrafts that has Its veterancy of the Aircraft (Like in Generals)
  • Thief Logic
  • A new Slave miner type that when its destroyed the infantry miners will be offline (a drone miner)
  • Add additional (optional) Strength= like bar to imitate power shield. Add animations when recieving damage when shield is alive if possible. - something like: HasShield=yes/no; if yes Shield=numeric like strength - this should also hang up some additional pips in pip.shp if possible; DamageAnim=work exacty like DamageSound= (plays when hit) but anim.
  • Add more veterancy stages support, not just rookie, vet and l33t. 5 would be good, including Elite2Primary and secondary, same with Elite3, Elite2Abilities, same with Elite3. The name are, of course, on your own. Also I would like to see VeteranPrimary= and VeteranSecondary=.
  • MakeVehicle (like MakeInfantry).. suppose I wanted to turn a target into a terror drone, or a dolphin into something else, or have a special weapon that will turn a tank into a weaker / more powerful version (some weapon that merely rips the turret off, for example)
  • Create secondary Psychic Reveal with new 'ready' and 'activate' sound (ex. for Allied Spy Sat SW)
  • if possible make unit sight depend on light and darkness (light and darkness of AlphaLightPost)
  • The Refinery uses a combination of ActiveAnims and SpecialAnims to display its various ore-depositing animations. The Grinder also uses ActiveAnims and SpecialAnims to display its Grinding animations. This is unfortunate because it makes it severely unattractive if you want to combine a Grinder and an Ore Refinery into one building (something I desperately want to do). Ideally, a new set of art tags like "GrindingAnim=, GrindingAnimTwo=, GrindingAnimYSort=, etc, would be extremely useful. Obviously, to maintain compatability with unmodded YR these would be used for the Grinding function instead of the original anim tags, but only when they were present. When GrindingAnim=, etc, are omitted then the game will use the old method.
  • add support for multiple turrets (e.g. Battleship with 4 correctly working turrets)
  • add new water terraintype (shallow, possibility for tanks and infantery to move slow threw it, needs new voxel like the apc in ts for amphibiousmode)
(See response on Discussion Page)
  • a pre-game unit/side generator (possibility to mix up tank-bodies with other tank-turrets, a point based system that allows you to choose which units you want for your side [e.g. 10points for Apoc, 5points for Grizzly, 1point for Conscript...])
  • dynamic campaigns like in Emperor
  • Adding totally new theaters
  • New tile terrain types for tiles like marsh/quick sand and infantry only.
  • [TurretLockOnUnit] for the maps telling a unit to always point the turret at the unit. This will allow articulated units to be made.
  • [FollowMeDummy] allows other units with that unit specified to follow it like a train dose with out the train tiles or overlays.. This will allow articulated units to be made. With out track.
  • [HeDiesMeDie] this should allow a unit to die when another unit that is specified dies. More then one. This will allow articulated units to be made. Like the Big train I made a long time ago.
  • [DontTurrnAround] only allows a unit to turn up to 90 before move to next cell. This will allow articulated units to be made.
  • Turn the game into a 3Diso (four directions n,e,s,w)game like Sim city. The hard code part may not be to difficult but the cross reference for infantry shp & voxel and terrain tile will take some time. Also the shp building would need to be rebuild but the modder community would do that.
  • Extra Random choices on the countries list, one for each side, so if you select it you get a random country from that side. (edited (generalized) by pd)
  • RA1 Helicarrier logic
  • RA1 Chrono Tank logic (worked in RA2)
  • Introduce the SoundOnChronoTransport= to let the modder specify a different sound (from the default), if the Chrono Tank move
  • EliteInfantry=, EliteUnits=, EliteAircraft= to go with the VeteranInfantry=,etc under house declarations
  • Make some tag like "UnitToGuard=" to make the unit that have this tag to enter the "Guard" condition at the unit specified by this tag when the specified unit is on its "GuardRange" ("Guard" condition on unit and the "GuardRange" is things that we allready have, but as now you can only set one unit to guard other one manualy so I want you to make it work automaticly)
  • A tag named "WaterDeploysInto=" that specifies the building that that unit will deploy into over water, seperate from "DeploysInto=" Comment
  • Allow fully-customizable Chrono Reinforcements Superweapon (there should be a mission tag for it now, it is used in 7th allied YR mission as far as i remember)
  • Allow more than one superweapon per building (SuperWeapon=DominatorSpecial,ChronoSpecial...; this way)
  • Add a checkbox (the thing that looks like a radio button) to the Multiplayer/skirmish GUI that works in the same way as the "Super Weapons" checkbox. Instead of affecting DisableableFromShell=, it affects DisableableFromShell2=. That way, we can modify the minor superweapons to use DisableableFromShell2= instead of DisableableFromShell= and have independent control of major/minor superweapons. If the checkbox would have to be forced upon the user even if a mod did not want to use it, then the string label would have to be set to "This button does nothing."
  • Allow DisableableFromShell= (and DisableableFromShell2=, if implemented) to be used on units as well as super weapons, so that you can turn more powerful units on/off from the gui.
  • Possibility to link a SuperWeapon (ex. Chrono Reinforcements) to a structure, in order that, when the charge time is past, the weapon is auto-fired. This could be useful to let the allies to have a structure that function with a barrack logic, cast an animation when the Chrono Reinforcement is used, and then, the infantry/vehicle come out from the building
  • Implement IsVeteranTrainer= as option, to permit a structure, like a particular Armory, to reduce the VeteranRatio required, to promote the units (with an influence logic like FactoryPlant= and InfantryCostBonus=). Divide this element in 3 options: one for infantry, one for vehicle and one for aircraft
  • Add the GLA Tunnel Logic for structure, in order to let the Infantry and Vehicles use this feature (like C&C Generals)
  • Stoic= tag, applied to individual units, that hinders non-player controlled units (or also player controlled units if PlayerScatter=yes) from automatically scattering when taking damage.
  • Additional logic for the Psychic Reveal that detects cloaked units for a limited amount of time within the revealing radius.
  • Add in possible debugging - maybe make the IE message more helpful, like adding the file that the error occured in, and the line that it occured in. Comment
  • Create a 'Build Infantry' superweapon action that would work like Dune2K fremen reinforcements. When charged, clicking the icon causes a squad of specified infantry to exit the attached building as though it were their barracks.
  • A new tag for Animations / Particles ( Dangerous=X.X, where X.X = range in cells )to make AI-controlled units to try avoid, if possibile, an animation or an particle wich could cause damage to them. Also, using this tag for radiation warheads would make the units "know" there the center of rad-field is, and run away until they find clean ground, instead of moving randomly into a small area until they die.
  • Build time modifiers for various techno categories that can be placed on buildings that would act as a multiplier to build time. For example: InfantryBuildTimeBonus=X.XX, UnitsBuildTimeBonus=X.XX, AircraftBuildTimeBonus=, BuildingBuildTimeBonus=X.XX, DefensesBuildTimeBonus=X.XX.
  • New Random Country types, something like this: "Random, but not Yuri" or "Random, but Soviet"
  • New deploy logic using a variant of the new 1.08SE Upgrade System. Old deploy logics has several limitations/bugs
  • New Cloak & Sensor logic. More information
  • An ability to make Dread/V3 Missile types to be able to home in on targets.
  • Make theaters to be customizable by a theaters.ini, making it possible to rename, add and delete theaters.
  • The ability to have a free infantry from building tag (like FreeInfantry=) and a tag to say how many (like FreeInfantryNum=). Also a tag to work with the FreeUnit tag so you can say how many.
  • New "XXXXAdvancedPower=" tag to each side. In link this forum topic CnCVK will fix the AI bug about Soviet Nuclear Reactor on the next RPCE revision renaming NodAdvancedPower by SovietsAdvancedPower (to not affect existing non-RP mods). Why not clone this new tag to each side on the next RP version? I suggest "AlliesAdvancedPower, SovietsAdvancedPower, YuriAdvancedPower, FourthAdvancedPower", If a side not have a XXXXAdvancedPower tag (because is parsed) will be ignored & AI will use only the original tag of his side (GDIPowerPlant, NodRegularPower, ThirdPowerPlant or FourthPowerPlant).
  • Add InvulnerableWhenDeployed=yes for infantry deployers so that they cannot take damage and are not legal targets when deployed. See RadarInvisibleWhenDeployed
  • Add SelectableCombatantWhenDeployed=no for infantry deployers so that enemy players cannot select them or even see the selection box while hovering over the unit with their mouse. The owner can select and undeploy the infantry as if the tag wasn't there. See RadarInvisibleWhenDeployed
  • Add logic that could upgrade certain units when a building is placed. The idea is something like this: 1) Add building tags UnitToUpgrade=[UNIT1] and UnitUpgradesTo=[UNIT2]. 2) Placing a building with those tags would convert all units UNIT1 to UNIT2 (but only for that player). 3) Also, placing this building will convert the build option of UNIT1 to UNIT2 (including graphics), so the newly created units will be also upgraded. 4) Once placed, the conversion is permanent, meaning there won't be any need for checking if the building has been destroyed or not. 5) This logic should also work with building upgrades, so instead of placing a completly new building you could simply upgrade an existing one. As far as i'm concerned, there's a logic similar to this already, but available only from the map code section.
  • Add a ToTerrain= parameter that works like ToOverlay=, thus making modders able to build thing like Tiberium Trees ore Veinhole Monsters that realy spread Veins.

Not clear for my brain

  • Make [VesselTypes] and Factory=VesselType stated in rules.ini work.

Done by Westwood

  • All units can specify how high up they want to fly at if they fly


  • Creating a new map format, say, change to NewINIFormat=5 or 6 or something and then replace IsoMapPack5 with something using better compression (zlib makes most sense). Comment: Why not make the game PNG- and 3DS-compatible as well? no, seriously, we better stick to ONE map format which works out superb, or does a 100KB map file hurt so bad? [- pd]
  • C&C Tiberium Dawn like LST logic. Comment: WHAT? more information please... [- pd]
    • He means the Hovercraft, as binging[] the term "LST" brings up the Landing Ship, Tank[1] used in WWII. The Hovercraft was made of so much awesome that I had to update a Legacy page. --D1Hazel 17:36, 5 September 2009 (UTC)