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Legacy RockPatch Wishlist/Page 2

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This is legacy information, included here for historical purposes.


Table of Contents

Note: the following wishlist is now OBSOLETE, stored for archiving purposes only.

  • True Air-to-Air combat
  • More IFV-modes (and more IFVs, as the turret-changing code is now locked to the FV unit)
  • Another IFV turret flag. At the moment we can have 18 IFV Modes but only the first 17 of those modes can have a turret.
  • An adjustment of several AI shortcomings (such as inability to "attack enemy vehicle called ' XXXX ' ")
  • Allowing "PoweredUnit/PowersUpBuilding" to have a set of values, not just one
  • Allow buildings to cloak without being a CloakGenerator or a veteran/elite building.
  • an INI file to allow custom terrains mods to customize the random map generator [pd]
  • Allow Crewed= to work with non infantry types.
  • Air units with turrets
  • Temporal particles?
  • Another promotion level
  • Infantry to vehicle repair (also Infantry to building and so on)
  • Allowing carryalls to pick up enemy vehicles, acting possibly in the same way as the 'advanced carryall' in Emperor: Battle for dune (Lands on enemy vehicle and has a delay before being able to move the unit). Preferably added using a seperate tag to allow use of the original carryall funtions.
  • Enabling SpySat= or any building fuctions for Upgrade system in buildings
  • Making a new type of Ore.
  • Enable VehicleTypes to deploy into VehicleTypes in addition to default BuildingTypes. Or enable deploying vehicles (such as Seige Chopper) to adopt traits other than just the "Image=" from the rulesmd entry for the UnloadingClass "dummy" object.
  • Infantry that can be powered
  • Modify Spawn Logic to allow for the spawning of VehicleTypes not just AircraftTypes.
  • Increased flexibility of slave logic: expanded range of units can have slaves (eg. ambulance with medics etc.) - Also SlaveBehaviour= tag which uses SlaveMiner or such when omitted for compatibility
  • Increased flexibility in powered logic: control centre handles more than just robot tanks.
  • Get the Ammo system to work with infantry and buildings. Presently, it only works with vehicles and aircraft.
  • MigAttackCursor=yes works only for buildings, would be good to work with other units types as well.
  • more ressource types (e.g. Iron, Gold/Diamants and Oil)
  • Enable the optional use of a seperate pallete for the radar in the GUI, as would be prefered for new GUIs.
  • Program more Foundation sizes for buildings, including non-rectangle shapes.
  • Making it so the trains can go in revers and couple & uncouple
  • UnDeploy cursor on deployed objects
  • NeedsDriver= to make a vehicle only usable if an infantry unit is sent in it
    • Driver= tag for infantry types, which defaults to no.
  • Allow Prerequisite=, PrerequisiteOverride=, Prerequisite groups and any new Prerequisite tags (e.g. NegativePrerequisite=) to allow VehicleTypes, InfantryTypes and AircraftTypes. (PrerequisiteProcAlternate= is the only one that presently accepts VehicleTypes.)
  • PrerequisiteAlternate1=, PrerequisiteAlternate2= that allow an alternative prerequisite option. Example: Prerequisite=GAWEAP,GATECH ++ PrerequisiteAlternate1=NAWEAP,NATECH would mean that with both an Allied or Soviet War Factory and Battle Lab you could build the object in question (but not Yuri).
  • Un-hardcode the dock location on refinaries to allow smaller refinaries and refinaries with multiple dock locations.
  • If a unit collects a crate type that it is not allowed to (e.g. untrainable unit collects a promotion crate) then you get a money crate - BUT there are two types of money crate - the money crate that is defined in Powerups that you can modify is not the crate type you get in the scenario descibed above. In the scenario descibed above you get a random amount of cash. What we need is a way of controlling this other money crate (so that it's random credits can be defined as between two specified values (which could both be the same to stop the amount being random). Sorry for the long description.
  • Make units able to survive if they are in a transport of a different MovementType (e.g. tanks in amphib transports)
  • Create "ForceFire=" tag to allow the moder to choose what weapon should be fired when force firing on terrain/trees/bridges etc. moders use primary against inf only and secondary for everything else in a lot of instances, but when force firing, the primary is always used, meaning that unit could never destroy trees/bridges. force fire could be set to secondary weapon(3rd/4th ect if more are added) or a seperate weapon.
  • adding more overlays to the game
  • Countries can have VeteranInfantry=, VeteranUnits=. How about adding VeteranBuildings= and VeteranAircraft=, as well as any country-specific properties that don't currently apply to BuildingTypes?
  • make the NukeSiren to use NukeSound instead of DigSound so you don't hear the nuke siren when you use units with "Dig locomotor" (this can be done with unpacthed game by disabling the DigSound and attaching the NukeSiren directly to nuke animation, but this way it sucks)
  • A tag for warheads called DamageEnemy=yes/no. Propoganda style, area effect discriminate healing weapons.
  • Tesla Fire Support logic (like Tesla Troopers that charge a Tesla Coil) between Structures (to create a building that could overcharge a Tesla Coil, if put near it, deciding the power of the support (ex. if the structure can let the Tesla Bolt remain alive even if the base energy is low))
  • Make more building features work when added by a structure upgrade.
  • Make aircraft land a "normal" way, as in not vtol (vertical take-off and landing). Make them land diagonally and make them seem to use landing gears by allowing them to skid a little when landing.
  • Get rid of the IE that happens when you try to cancel a building construction yard, if you make them buildable
  • Multiple entries in Factory= tag, so that you can build both infantry and vehicles or vehicles and buildings etc. from the one building.
  • Builings can have more than two SWs [pd]
  • Allowing more than just alternate Arctic art, e.g. alternate desert art, for desert camo, or (if you wanted to be really bizarre - Alternate Lunar Art) Another idea would be to let these tags be used on units as well as infantry (so you could get snow camoed tanks)
  • Allow units inside structures to target things individually so they dont all attack the same thing all at once but rather spread their fire on attacking units. (This can be done by explanding the battle fortress logic to buildings, so that you do not have to overwrite the current ocupy logic. eg.current = normal, bf=advance / elite buildings )
  • Allow a new type of air combat, like in Act of War Direct Action, the aircrafts can be built and called in to airstrike a unit, building, aircraft, two or all 3 of the mentionned before. A destroyed aircraft would have to be rebuilt. You could still keep the limit of 4 aircrafts per air control tower/whatever the "devil" you wanna call it.
  • Add a tag "GateTwoDirections" which automatically sets the direction of a gate to either right or left when putting it on a wall, this would allow for only 1 build icon for gates instead of 2.
  • Allow any superweapon to be specified as a crate pickup instead of just the Nuke/whatever is top of the superweapon list.
  • Allow the ability to use Lighting on units and vehicles. With the option of an alpha layer to be attatched to the unit, so that it can create headlights and such.(This is the previous reserch into the subject Herestating that the alpha stays where the unit is spawned.)
  • The Force Shield superweapon is area-effect, and yet you have to target a building. Please make it so that the Force Shield can target in the same way that the Iron Curtain targets (but not affect enemies of course), so that the ground can be targeted too. Ideally, if the Action is omitted, the Force Shield should successfully activate at a random point on the map.
  • Change the default value for AllowedToStartInMultiplayer to 'no' instead of 'yes'. This should be an easy fix and it would be useful since the vast majority of units should not start in multiplayer.
  • Allow for changing the number of chargers required to keep a Tesla Coil powered when in low power situation.
    • If possible, perhaps also allow for changing the number of chargers required to overpower the Tesla Coil and change its weapon.
  • Different parachute animations on the New Paradrop Superweapons, could let the modder have both a paradrop and simulated drop pods superweapon at once, possible tag would be 'ParachuteAnim=xxxxx'
  • Additional SpeedTypes
  • Automated building of units outside of clicking sidebar (E.g; a "recruiting center" might build a free infantry each minute)
  • 'AlliedEngineer', 'SovietEngineer', 'ThirdEngineer', and possibly 'FourthEngineer' tags instead of the regular 'Engineer=' in [General] which makes all Conyards spawn an Allied Engineer instead of the side specific. Also, on that note:
  • 'AlliedTechnician', 'SovietTechnician', 'ThirdTechnician' and possibly 'FourthTechnician' to make side specific Technicians spawnable from destroyed buildings.
  • The ability, in an multiplayer mode file, to change the properties of countries. I don't think country data is read at present from an mp mode file, so changing the names and whether they are playable are not is not possible.
  • The ability to define in an enslaved unit's rulesmd.ini section whether or not it joins the house of its 'rescuers' whenever its parent building is destroyed. Example tag: CanBeFreed=yes/no (defaults to yes)
  • Allow land speed modifiers in the land characteristics pseudo section to affect infantry units. Currently, overlay and terrain can only modify the speed of vehicles.
    • Add uphill and downhill speed modifiers for the Foot locomotor: FootUphill=X.XX and FootDownhill=X.XX
  • An expansion to the Harvesting / Weed logic, enabling whatever the modder specifies to be harvested, example tag: HarvestsLandType=, if the tag is not specified it automatically reverts to the original harvesting rules - more than one type being listed in this would be preferable. Only problem I can think of is that the terrain type would be 'ate' by the harvester, leaving an empty tile, perhaps let the modder define somewhere whether a land type is 'edible' or not, that should default to no for all terrain types except Riparius (normal Ore) and Vinifera (Gems). otherwise ore and gems would never go away. I almost forgot, the tag would require Harvester=yes on the unit before it does anything, so Grizzly tanks don't turn into grass miners or something.
  • A tag to control whether a weapon can fire against an enemy target or not, like TargetCursorOnFriendlies, so that repair units can't be forced to fire on enemy units, or in my case a grappler structure can't be used to lift enemy units.
  • Add an option HasRelayPoint=yes/no to control if relay-points for a building can be set or not.
  • De-centralising of the Crazy Ivan tags under [CombatDamage] (IvanWarhead, IvanDamage, IvanTimedDelay, CanDetonateTimeBomb, CanDetonateDeathBomb and IvanIconFlickerRate, so that different units can have different Ivan bomb-type weapons with their own separate warheads, damage amounts and option to manually detonate. Another tag such as TimedBomb=yes/no could be used to determine whether the bomb ever detonates on its own, or relies on the CanDetonatexxx tags.
  • A 'PrerequisiteTheater=' tag, so the modder can determine if certain buildings should only be buildable on arctic theater maps, for example. This could fix the buildable pavement bug in RA2 by having several theater-specific versions.
  • An option to set MaximumRechargeTime and MinimumRechargeTime on super weapons, so the SW has more variation and unpredictability in its recharge time.
  • An update to the [MenuColors] system, where the RGB values override the predefined menu colours in the [Colors] section, so that modders don't have to alter the game's internal colours used in missions etc.
  • Currently a warhead appies damage to buildings once per cell. Meaning a 3x3 building is subject to damage 9 times by a warhead with a high CellSpread=. This makes some situations where you cant control exact or absolute damage. Example:You cant have a weapon that damages a 1x1 building with the exact damage a 3x3 building takes in the same Cellspread. I would like to see a warhead tag similar to DamageOnce=yes/no that dictates that the warhead will only deal damage once per object it comes in contact with. This takes affect at the first cell of the cellspread radius that the building occupies and takes in to effect Percentatmax=.
  • Allowing SpyPlane, and it's clones to have custom EVA Activated events.
  • Allow custom warfactory exit paths. Suggest useing the same direction logic that backs the posedir and deploydir tags. Example: The unit would appear at the location pointed to by ExitCoord= then moves in the dirction pointed out by the possable new tag ExitDir=. As it stands right now in Yuri the unit first appears at the ExitCoord= point for a secont then re-appears and moves as if it where the origenal warfactory which looks to be the equivlent to what would be ExitDir=60
  • improve the Tiberiums logic to allow additional types of ore rather than just gold and gems.
  • Allow Color= to work on tiberiums, when using a Palette= tag, to allow different varients of ores.
  • enable tibtrees to have a SpawnsOreType=(number for the [Tiberiums] list) to allow trees to spawn gems, and other new ores, also, i played with the values and gems refuse to grow and spread, even with Growth=1 GrowthPercentage=1 Spread=1 SpreadPercentage=1 Ore with the same values grows so fast it covers most of the map within a few seconds, this would need fixing, the default values state not to grow, so i don't see why it would need to be hardcoded to not grow.

Not clear for VKs brain

  • Remove the HardCoding in the Clone Vat Logic  ;Dunno, perhaps they meant make it able to grind infanty again like it could in RA2? Blade 00:51, 20 February 2007 (CET)
  • Find hardcoded items (e.g. animations, units, buildings, infantry and such) and make them un-hardcoded
  • Make GDIPowerTurbine=GAPOWRUP work for every side


  • Aircraft takeoff/landing pitch, as opposed to VTOL.
  • mouse.shp frames to use, like [Weapon]AttackCursor=start_frame,end_frame; [Unit]Move/Deploy/EnterCursor= )
  • More "special" mouse-cursors, like C4 or the SW-cursors (if possible, this should be implemented via tags, pointing to exact
  • Allowing paradrops to consist of units as well as infantry
  • Cloaking aircraft (possible by adding CLOAK on Veteran,Elite Abilities=)
  • NegativePrerequisite= that could be set for objects too, disables building/training of the caller if the object on the list exists

(allowing for choice of tech trees, one type of hero etc.

Done by Westwood

  • UseINI= in maps to use a centralized file for modmaps rather than modifying each on it's own
  • Add new colors to the Skirmish menu color lists [pd]


  • UseINI= in maps to use a centralized file for modmaps rather than modifying each on it's own
Comment:Done by Westwood: MyMap.MAP -> MyMap.INI [- CnCVK]
  • abillity to change taunt files
Comment: you can always edit, replace or do whatever with them... what's the deal with this? [- pd]
  • "Symlinks", i.e. declaring new names for existing tags
no comment... [- pd]
Maybe use C++ pre-processor for it (#define,#ifdef,#ifndef,#else,#endif)[-CnCVK]