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Legacy RockPatch Wishlist/Page 7

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This is legacy information, included here for historical purposes.

Sound Related

Table of Contents

Note: the following wishlist is now OBSOLETE, stored for archiving purposes only.

  • Make adding sound effects easier(maybe in a mix file instead of audio.bag).
  • Allow sound effects and music to use other file formats(like .aud and .mp3).
  • Clone "CloakSound=" (in rulesmd.ini) to add another cloaking or decloaking sound or the possibility of add a "CloakSound=" to each unit/infantry to hear a lot of differents cloak/decloak sounds, and using the [AudioVisual] entry only as defaults.
  • Improve audio engine so it can play 32 sounds at once plus another for music


  • Enable unused EVA voices. Comment: err... you mean adding the corresponding features? [- pd] No, I meant that YR should use EVAs which ARE in the mixes but those are not used. [- Speeder]


  • A pseudocode of how the AI works/carries out scripting actions would be really interesting, and aid AI modders in debugging their AI scripts (like more explanations of action 63,0, among other stuff)
  • Adjusting the flight locomotor to allow non-VTOL behaviour.
  • A mod filter facility for internet games (and LAN too I suppose). presumably reading a value from rulesmd.ini to determine mod name.
  • Maybe an error log file (like if the game can't find a shp file it would write an error message in the file).
  • Allow to Change unit health bar.
  • Use true color for graphics instead of limited 256 color palettes (EDIT by Alex05: make that an art tag, or else we'd have have messed up colors for the original graphics that don't use true colors. Only pcx's used them in RA2. all the rest was with palettes, since it saved disk space and allowed TEAM COLORS)
  • Making the Slaves of the slave miner will be take control
  • Make the unit***.pal, affected by the colour of the light, it is already affected by ambient, as opposed to the iso***.pal, which is affected by both.
  • Seperate the ring animation that plays when the Mutator is fired from the one used by the ion cannon effect (either map triggered or hopefully the full superweapon in the future). Currently both are controlled by the IonRing= statment IIRC.
  • Tell us how much damage the Genetic Mutator is hard coded to deal, and possibly add a rules flag to make it modifiable.
  • Allow <Player@X> to be used as the side parameter correctly for more trigger events and actions and for <Player@X> to be a valid trigger owner (warning, this may be quite easy or exceptionally difficult). Player@X allows you to pass a player side based on starting waypoint to trigger events and actions on a multiplayer map, allowing you to have various scripted things happen to a specific player.
  • Window/Fullscreen Toggle
  • Make Multiplayer maps pay atttention to settings in [SpecialFlags] section and code FogOfWar for that section of multiplayer maps to always be considered yes so FOW can be used on all existing maps.
  • Allow a mod packet to be sent along with the game so that poeple can play together even if one person has an incompatible version
  • Add a tag in a "mpinsertmodenamemd" ini file so that it can use it's own rules file, so that you can ban a certain country or side from a multiplayer mode, or change settings that are normally unchangeable in MP modes inis. (Alex05)
  • Allow the adding of MP modes, without replacing an unused MP modes by modifying their correspond Ini's. Make it so that the game would rather be able to have more game modes possbilities at least. (Alex05)


  • The ability to add EVA voices for new superweapons. (Alex05)


  • Enable up to 10 players in skirmish max.
Comment: after over a year of researching I can confirm this to be IMPOSSIBLE to be done by a human being (which I am, just to make sure...) [- pd]
  • In keeping with the coders sense of humor, one of the new tags to parse that enables some new stuff should be "CanMakeStuffUp=yes/no".
Comment: I'm implementing all the new features so that you don't have anything changed unless you want it.
There are a few exceptions to the RMG though(which doesn't hurt anybody): the Archipelago random map type, the option to create Desert random maps, and a "Place Urban Areas" option. the soviet campaign button being moved is now optional. [- pd]