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Legacy RockPatch Wishlist/Page 3

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This is legacy information, included here for historical purposes.

Revive from earlier C&C

Table of Contents

Note: the following wishlist is now OBSOLETE, stored for archiving purposes only.

  • Re-enabling the Ice1Set, Ice2Set, IceShoreSet allowing it to work properly.
  • Pulling the bridge controls out of the game so multiple bridges can be made like TrainBridgeSet tilesets and custom bridges like one or two tile wide bridges. Also be able to use land tiers and to link two or three different bridge sets like urban road bridge set and natural road bridge set together.
  • Fully Restoring the Tiberium Veins logic ALONG with their link to the Chem Missile Logic.
  • Adding logic for Scraped Tiberian Sun Weed Cleaner, that would just kill the tiberium waste tentacles but doesnt harvest them.
  • Revival of the Laser Fence logic
  • Reenable cloak detection sensors on buildings from SensorArray=yes.
  • Make Ore Refinery Storage work again and re-enable the Silo logic
  • Make a working Mobile Gap Generator (which doesn't need to deploy) [pd]
  • Re-enable the Firestorm super 'weapon'
  • Implement the 'Webby' logic from TS:FS where an infantry shot with it gets imobilised and a webbed animation plays over it (like the infantry got caught in a police net or something). Its from the Cyborg Reaper, but could have many other uses in YR mods.
  • Implement 'Limpet' logic from TS:FS where a weapon fired from a structure removes the structure (like a land mine) and attaches a spy feature to the enemy unit so you can see where it goes, even into shrouded areas.
  • Enable Fog Of War from TS and RA1 (Working tag in [MultiPlayerDialogSettings]) (the semi-working map-system is "severly flawed")
  • Enable the extra Floater-style locomotion from Firestorm-- and make it so more than one of this movement types can be defined though, rather than it being a single, global value
  • Tiberium damage/heal
    • A control for tiberium damage from Ore/tiberium .. TibDamage= or something to the effect
  • Re-enabling Visceroids (two baby visceroid being able to merge in one adult visceroid if close to each other)
  • The TS Amphibious APC Logic.
  • Re-enable the Meteor/Ion storm logic (from Tiberian Sun)
    • Weather storm made able disable certain units/weapons as the ion storm did in TS.
  • Deformable ground (like in Tiberian Sun)
  • Making CaptureTheFlag=true work as in RA1.
  • Make it so veinholes and destroyable cliffs can be destroyed with normal weapons (not just railguns)
  • Re-implimentation of fire logic.
  • Re-implimentation of RA1 spy logic.
  • Fully working cyborg logic
  • RA1 aircraft movement
  • Re-enable 'Toggle Power'
  • In Red Alert 2 you could select a Harrier and get an enter cursor on other Air Force Commands, allowing you to give the Harrier a new 'home'. This doesn't work in YR 1.001 and would be extremely useful, given that mods add new aircrafts and new landing pads.
  • Re-enable manual reload (a vehicle must reload at service depot when run out of ammo)
    • Please, pretty please, with a cherry on top make this one global flag, since else it would have to be coded into every unit so that they each have it, taking too much time, but it could be just coded so that you have to add a tag to units that determines how much ammo shots a unit has. Also, it should be possible to enable or disable the little ammo icon, since a unit with too much ammo would look messed up. Thank you, thank you so much.
  • Re-activate the commando "BurstDelay" so we can make Carpet bomber
  • Create scaped TS Battery Logic, where a crate could give a superweapon, that in turn gives a player the ability to use auxiliary power for arround 1 minute.
  • Bring back the old superweapons, like the Drop Pods. And get the other ones, like the classic MultiSpecial (multi missile) working like it did in TS.
  • The ability to add resources, like a new ore type, or tiberium (like in TS), but with it's own graphics.
  • Re-Enable Spaceport from Dune 2000/Dropship Unloading from TS, and allow it to be coded so it can also work as Chrono Reinforcements.
  • Re-Enable the Thread Rating Node logic from Tiberian Sun
  • Introduce 2 new elements: KillOnChronoTransfert= (this could be useful if introduced as option in the building, ex. to create a mulfunctioning Chronosphere that kill infantry inside the APC, like the RA1 ChronoKillCargo logic), and ExplodeOnChronoTransfert= (that reintroduce the logic behind the behavior of the Demolition Truck, in RA1 Aftermath, that explode if ChronoTransported; ideas introduced to help modders with Total Conversion Mods, or, Map creators, to produce map with Malfunctioning ChronoSphere)
  • Introduce the RA1 M.A.D. Tank Fire Logic, that consist in a delayed deployment and then the explosion of the vehicle. This could be useful to implement options like SoundOnDeploy= and specify any animation during the deployment event
  • Re-Enable the RA1 AfterMath Human Mechanic Logic (doing some cleaning (and more free configurable/scriptable) on the hardcoded Repair IFV tank logic present in RA2/YR)
  • ReAdd the RA1 Camouflaged PillBox Logic (partial structure cloak)
  • Add ChangeAfterTime= and ChangeOnApproach= to reintroduce the tiberian dawn blossom tree (aka tiberium riparius) logic. These options could be introduced in the "Tree" section of Rules.ini, in order to make a normal tree to transform in a blossom tree if the tiberium reach it, or to simulate the creation of the blossom tree, in a tiberium field in a forest (for example). Must add the animation to modify the tree in a blossom tree too (like what happend in some tiberian dawn missions)
  • Add the ability to use the old-style TS structure selection box, which went around the entire building, whereas the RA2 one only covers the top and (in the case of tall buildings) the sides. Incase you don't know what I mean, it's the whitish 3D lines that appears around a structure whenever you click on it. If you add this, you should definitely make it optional, as I doubt every (if any) modder or modders would want it.
  • Re-enable the ability to put side specific cameos of shared units and structures in sidec??.mix from Tiberian Sun.
  • Re-enable RA1/TS campaign map selection stuff
  • Restore the crew logic from RA1 so that Aircrafttypes could have Crewed=yes.
  • Add an option to allow modders to choose, if they want to re-enable per-building credits like in ts, with silos instead of infinite credit space.
  • Re-enable the power-unpower button that was in TS
  • Re-enable and improve upon the Mobile EMP logic from FS. The first thing that would need to be restored would be PipScale=Charge. My other idea was that you could specify what unit the uncharged unit changed into when charged through a tag like ChargedUnit=xxxx, or if you have to deploy to change to the charged unit (MustDeployWhenCharged=yes/no), which could let modders create an RA1-like Chrono Tank. To perhaps create vehicles which change into something when charged, then into something else when discharged, you could use a tag like UnchargedUnit=xxxx.
  • Re-enable Global Variable #1 (named <alternate next scenario> in the stock rulesmd.ini) so that when set, it causes the game to play the map specified in AltNextScenario within the current maps [Basic] section instead of the map specified as next in mapselmd.ini


  • Reviving all TS Codes that is not used in YR
(Still different than request a particular logic revived)
Comment: but still a non-precised WISH (not request please ;) ). in the end that's what we all want, isn't it? yes, it is that... [- pd]


  • Re-enable Hunter-Seeker SW
  • Introduce the TS/FS E.M.P Tank Fire Logic
  • Re-enable cloakable=yes logic on buildings (was used for the limpet mine in FS) would be useful for pratical land mines (current versions are just firestorm walls or legaltarget=no) and demo traps
  • Re-enable the Tech Level slider from TS and FS so you can modify how advanced the available technology is (ie at 10 you get superweapons, at 3 you only can build as far as a war factory)
  • Make it possible too add/modify TeslaBolt "Projectile" colours
  • Enable Multi-Engineer logic from TS and RA1 as a multi play option (OR As a permanent option in Rulesmd.ini - would be needed for some mods)