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Legacy RockPatch Wishlist/Page 5

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This is legacy information, included here for historical purposes.

Weapons Related

Table of Contents

Note: the following wishlist is now OBSOLETE, stored for archiving purposes only.

  • Moving stuff like "OpenToppedRange/Damage/UrbanCombatRange/" and similar from [General] to each unit, and using the [General] entry only as defaults (Like [Jumpjet controls] is now)
  • Drain logic (DrainWeapon=yes) to work with ranged weapons.
  • Temporal weapons to work with cellspread.
  • Engineers can't have working conventional weapons. Would be nice if they could. Vehicle Thieves have to force-move on their hijack target if they are an Engineer as well.
  • Warheads other than Fire3 being able to be applied to animations properly
  • More flexible Gattling logic
  • Allow the use of less or more steps for the gattling logic. More or less weapons ...
  • Have an AltInfDeath= entry on warheads that specifies the death anim to play when the infantry has NotHuman=yes. Currently such an infantry (mainly the animals) always dies with InfDeath=1 regardless of weapon that killed them.
  • NextWeapon= tag that fires a weapon when the attack mission of the caller is finished
  • ApplyTag= on warhead to create ultimate possibilities for weapons to work like IsLocomotor=, could be used to slow units down, to make them crushable and basically change everything in their coding
  • Weapons to allow "stacking" on their 'damage=nn' tag, so that they could do variable (or random) damage. The game chooses one at random from the list each time the situation calls it to. For example, 'Damage=0,0,0,30,100' on a weapon would mean a 60% chance of a miss, 20% of a glancing hit, and 20% of a penetrating hit every time the weapon strikes a target. This would allow for many mods to add an element of random chance to combat, giving players the opportunity to take a risk, and also meaning that equal matchups don't have to be annihilation of both sides every time.
  • PenetratesBuilding=yes/no, same as penetrates bunker but deals damage out between occupants of civilian buildings (Tratos)
  • An area effect superweapon that allows you to promote units within the radius by one stage (like the crate effect) (Tratos)
  • A SuperWeapon that can be reused, allowing multiple buildings to be built to give multiple copies of the same superweapon (i.e. more radar facilities=more spyplane superweapons available).
  • SW that have range from the firing building (like the EMP had range restrictions in TS)
  • I saw no area for this, but get some more mpmodesmd.ini editing. Like, new map filters like FILT001 and allow the new filters to be controlled in the rules and by making qualifications like Players= and Terrain=, you know, stuff like that.
  • Re-enable the Charges= tag, it says it was disabled in favour of an animation controlled tag. This is annoying for those that can't do art coding very well, I think this would let the weapon charge w/o an anim, you could even add a ChargeReport= tag or something like that to control the charging sound.
  • A customizable ChronoSphere, e.g. you can specify in rulesmd what you want it to chrono (e.g. infantry, vehicles, aircraft, naval units)
  • A customizable Iron Curtain, e.g. same as above only Iron Curtain
  • Enable the customisable Chronosphere (if made) to be able to let the modder specify whether it can chrono iron curtained units.
  • Enable sort of a 'Chrono Curtain' superweapon, e.g. chronoshifts then iron curtains when chronoshift complete (may be quite hard)
  • Make "PrismType" support more buildings
  • Different coloured Magna Beams
  • The ability to assign "Ammo=" tags to individual weapons that a unit has (like PrimaryAmmo= and SecondaryAmmo= or something like that).
  • Fix the bug where the repair vehicle weapon destroys overlay types with Explodes=yes
  • Add a new tag for weapons, like "Scatter=X.XX", to allow a specific inaccuracy for every weapon, instead of just "FlakScatter=yes/no" or "Inaccurate=yes/no" ( defined by "BallisticScatter" and "HomingScatter" from [CombatDamage] )
  • Ability to define an aircraft as projectile. It's a bit like convential V3 and DMISL, but it fires on unit in stead of on the cell. (Allows for weapons to be shot down).Comment
  • More crazy ivan bomb types.
  • Firing arks (I.e; left, right, or rear instead of just front and omni-directional).
  • Specifiable turret/non turret weapons (I.e; weather will use turret or body facing to determine direction of fire).
  • Infantry reload logic
  • "VehicDestroyAnim=" in warheads, similar to InfDeathAnim=, but for vehicles, to allow specific animations to be played upon destroying a vehicle.
  • A new tag called ArcingLevel= which determines how high an arc an Arcing=true projectile can be. Would preferably be float and values could be anywhere from 0.0 (essentially straight) to 1.0 (near vertical arc). Similar calculations if any in the base code can be used or transferred to INI.
  • Allow more overpowering levels for Tesla Troopers to charge Tesla Coil (for example one Tesla Troopers can charge one coil to make it fire OPCoilBolt, two Troopers make it fire OP2CoilBolt)
  • Prevent weapon usage based on what terrain the unit is on. UseInWater=no and UseOnLand=no
  • A warhead tag called Neutralizer= (yes/no). If set to yes the target of the weapon becomes Neutral (stripped of its house) instead of takeing damage. A second warhead tag NeutralOnly= (yes/no) that if set to yes will only effect neutral units (units that are not owned by a playable house).
  • Allow the RadLevel= on a weapon to be lower than 100 without IE
  • Weapons with AmbientDamage= should work with TypeImmune=yes, right now it still does damage (Dolphin has TypeImmune=yes but can still kill each others by shooting past each others.)


  • Allow unit to fire two weapons at the same time. Comment: you can just combine the two weapons to a single one. [- pd]
  • 2-5 weapons in one click or in the Primary= or Secondary=. Comment: ??? same as ThirdWeapon I guess. [- pd]
  • Ability to player control which weapon to attack with (Like in Generals)
Comment: Negative. Not the feature itself is the problem, but YR's GUI would not allow this unless it was rebuilt entirely. [- pd]
Comment:Add new sidebar tab with context cameos?[-CnCVK]
  • Copy OmniFire logic to be definable for individual weapons instead of units. Comment: OmniFire is a weapons flag. The comment ;OmniFire=yes ;GEF moved to weapon ain't just there to confuse you.
  • MultiFire to allow multiple targets for weapons other than Mind Control. Comment: ??? a really low ROF should be enough. multiple targets makes no real sense, unless when speaking of CellSpread. [- pd]
  • New Laser Weapon (allow define color,degree,width) [zhaihs] Comment: Don't go into detail too much... [- pd]
  • New sonic Weapon [zhaihs] Comment: again... would you please make clear what you actually want? ---> I think he means that, sonic anim cant be changed, the games us IsSonic= on weapon and Sonic= on the warhead <---

Unclear for my brain

  • Let any SuperWeapon have an iron curtain effect (invulnerability) (means that a nuke makes its target invulnearable????)


  • ThirdWeaponTag to make the unit/building immune to everything except the listed WeaponTypes
  • More Armor types
  • Implement new actions (including new mouse cursors)
  • If possible a tag to have permanent mindcontrol like with Psychic Dominator.
  • New warhead immunities. (Just like ImmuneToPoison=yes/Poison=yes). For example: ImmuneToNewImmunity1=yes/NewImmunity1=yes
  • More V3 style missiles
  • Psychic Dominator can effect and control building, use 2 warhead, now DominatorWH only killed unit