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Flag: Level
File(s): rules(md).ini
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This entry was copied from DeeZire's Red Alert 2 and Yuris Revenge INI Editing Guide for the sake of completeness. As it is not our intention to rip off DeeZire's work, this article is subject to a re-write and update with the latest community knowledge.

For further information, please read Inclusion of The Guide.

Percentage of light value to use on level ground on a scale of 0.000000 to 1.000000. This can be adjusted during the game through the relevant action.

On Projectiles

Can be set to 'yes' or 'no' and according to commentary in rules(md).ini, its intention is to specify that the projectile in question simply travels in a straight line towards its target. However, what it actually does appear to do, in addition to causing the behaviour it claims (drawing the projectile flat on the ground, without the height deviation or arcing trajectory of shells and missiles), is causing the projectile to be unable to exist outside water and hence instantly expire when in a cell with a surface which is not water. It is hence not a working method to create straight-fire projectiles for anything that should be able to fire at targets on land.


  • It might also appear that the straight-line trajectory only overwrites the trajectory of ROT>0 missiles; it does not seem to have an effect on arcing projectiles. The expiration when outside water will apply to both projectile types however. This needs further testing.
  • The straight path trajectory caused by this tag, and even the resulting projectile acceleration pattern, looks very similar to the projectile path caused by ROT=1. The Level tag might simulate a ROT of 0 to achieve its trajectory effect.
    • It also seems to make a homing projectile unable to turn by the amount its ROT would allow, further reinforcing the idea of a simulation of ROT=1.