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This page should correctly be named "[TeamTypes]"; it is wrong due to technical restrictions.

In Tiberian Sun through Yuri's Revenge, this section defines a list of all AI teams in the game. A team is composed of a TaskForce and a Script. The TaskForce lists the team members while the Script tells what the TaskForce does. TeamType links these two together while providing some additional parameters for the team's construction and behaviour.

Each TeamType needs its own section in the same file. The section contains a wide variety of flags, such as Name, Recruiter, and Autocreate. See the category page for a list of applicable flags.


; format of TeamTypes list
index1 = TeamType1
index2 = TeamType2
index3 = TeamType3

; format of a TeamType
Flag1 = value2
Flag2 = value2
Flag3 = value3

Applicable Flags

List of applicable TeamType flags

Additional information

  • This section is read from ai(md).ini and the current map file.
  • The infamous -G suffix is used to distinguish global (ai(md).ini) TeamTypes from local (map) ones (which have no suffix). It has no effect however.