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This page should correctly be named "[Smudge]"; it is wrong due to technical restrictions.

This section is responsible for pre-placed SmudgeTypes that should appear on the map.


Tiberian Dawn

Red Alert, Counterstrike, Aftermath

Tiberian Sun, Firestorm, Red Alert 2, Yuri's Revenge

The [Smudge] section in a map takes this format:

Meanings of each string
String Meaning
Index An index into this list, not processed or saved, so any string without equals-signs will do.
SMUDGE_ID The SmudgeType's ID. Must be already defined in the [SmudgeTypes] section.
X The X coordinate of the top corner cell of this Smudge.
Y The Y coordinate of the top corner cell of this Smudge.
IGNORE If set to a non-zero value, this Smudge will not be created.