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Flag: Agent
File(s): rules(md).ini
Values: Boolean values: yes or no, true or false, 1 or 0
Default: no
Applicable to: InfantryTypes


Can be set to 'yes' or 'no'. An InfantryType with this and Infiltrate set to 'yes' gain the ability to enter enemy structures to various effects:

If an Agent enters a...

  • Building with Factory= set to any valid type, the cameo of whatever object the owning player is currently constructing will be displayed to the infiltrating player above the selected building whenever the infiltrated building is selected by the infiltrating player. The cameo will however be displayed in a wrong palette, palette.pal (Red Alert used the same palette for cameos, and since this function is a left-over from RA, it is obvious that TS uses the same palette).
  • Building with Radar set to 'yes', the infiltrating player will not only see all terrain the owner of the infiltrated building has yet discovered, but will also see all terrain that player discovers after his building was infiltrated. Through a bug in this logic, the terrain that is discovered by other players will also be seen.
  • Building with Refinery set to 'yes', the player that owns the infiltrator unit can now see the financial situation (i. e. amount of credits) of the player whose refinery was infiltrated.
  • Building with Power set to a number greater than "0" - Shows the power levels of the infiltrated player.

In TS, this is only used on the Chameleon Spy, which is only available to the player in one single player mission in the unmodded game. in this mission, the flag does not show its entire potential, because the mission objective is the infiltration of only one structure. The effect of the flag is actually much more extensive and might hint to a feature that the game designers possibly planned, but cut from the final game.

Note that this logic may cause IEs when an InfantryType is an Agent and Engineer, C4 bomber or Thief at the same time, though this needs further testing. The Thief is the less likely to cause IEs in this respect.

In RA2

Specifies that this InfantryType is a "Spy" and special "infiltration" logic should be used when it enters enemy buildings.


  • A unit cannot have both Agent=yes and Assaulter=yes - only one or the other.
  • If an infantry has both Agent=yes and a weapon (primary or secondary) with IvanBomb=yes, it will prefer to use its weapon on buildings when ordered to attack, instead of infiltrating the building targetted.
  • If an infantry has both Agent=yes and C4=yes, it will prefer to use C4 rather than infiltrate a structure. Even if the building has CanC4=no, infantry will also choose to use weapons to destroy it